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Of friends that share positive healthy interests. I can offer you support consumer reporter Connie Thompson. We'll staying hydrated just became a little more dangerous to brands of bottled water testing positive for arsenic, above what's acceptable in tap water. Here's Phil Hulett the California based center for environmental health reports at bottled water brands, pin, you feel and Starkey, we're both in violation of state arsenic guidelines in California. That means the water must be labeled with a warning penfield is primarily sold at target, and WalMart wild Starkey is on the shelves at whole foods. Phil Hewlett, reporting fifty seven cars drive across the Ballard bridge, every day, come Tammy matassa says the city starting think about the future of that aging bridge, and replacing it department of transportation says it's time to start weighing the cost of maintaining the aging bridge or replacing it, it's an older bridge over a hundred years old. And while we're maintaining it and keeping it safe. How we need to be planning for the future. Structure funding from Bolivia to move, the ATL engineers are studying three options for replacing the Ballard bridge and the cost one improving the existing bridge, what better access for walkers and bike riders to raising the height of the bridge with a movable opening or three raving the height of the bridge without a movable opening. We won't be looking at providing preferred option at this point, some pieces may not be feasible as our investigation, but really trying to provide a comparison at a high level of the costs and trade offs of the different options for driver. How much is it going to cost? Is it going to cost taxpayers money, raise my taxes, which is always a concern? It's a homeowner here hopes to finish the Ballard bridge study by the end of the year. Now you can take.

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