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They are the team to beat in eastern conference they are they will not be in the final they play houston or golden state the western conference champ will be the favorite but they just they are flat better than cleveland right now lebron james is the best player in the world he has less help any as ever had before the sixers with embiid are the team to beat in east if only someone had said that a while ago weird pelicans this is a series it's very confusing before the pelicans nothing series lead portland has zero answers both anthony davis and nikola miratec they're facing elimination one word for y'all own 'age damian lillard has three times make overs as he has field goals when defended by your guy to holiday dame's averaging five turnovers per game in the playoffs nearly twice his average in the regular season why is this happening while the pelicans being up three oh after winning two games on a roll that's the number one surprise issues huhne's no doubt about anthony davis is the quintessential big man we talk about his greatness and you have three worse for him ryan vp so let me go deeper to the box score drew holiday bees while he's able to do that he has the size he has toughness and embarks say styles make fights when you wash the portland trailblazers play their two best players are dame lillard and c j mccollum while they're terrific scores their slight of build drew holiday regime rondo bill playoff tough john rondo has unlocked this team sports happened in dog years this time last season john rondo was leading the chicago bulls.

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