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Tv's and that is where i i saw it and i i saw superman and it's one of those memories i remember but i don't remember it's with. I saw it before. Talked chris or actor. Innovate i wanna stay after. But you know remember no well and doored used to go out being performance business stuff together and they were a wonder ninety. Eight reason manic george went on or in being eight. Another whose name new orleans at about oil is where. I'm not meaning it is at. It was at up but what is known as died out of bed of his nine of his own. The hours of one thirty. Am there's a quote by no o'neill on at talking about how i act addict for newt over role and was interesting back about. Here's ramparts And back doors noel. neill base. He felt breakfast are robert was being rather it endanger abuser. When george billy's thing in art you know one thing. I've said is a lot of these older depictions of caters people. All that's not really like what sumit as well go back. Read your golden age. Comic is to berry berry straight up. Trueblue age is art is golden age art now. Georgia's somewhat depressed over his identification with the role of if on more earn. Everyone thinks because superman in your eight year. You're not behind a math. Ladies and gentlemen the lovely my lowest lane bought. All he was bosch is in his interaction. Who were bands even remember because they often tried as At one of parents young boy up to read pointed boy had taken the weapon. A loop other brought world war. Two brand really was and bone convinced the void if the thing that i want l. but berry berry and he did. Tv but if Very funny to watch on the documentary up a Jimmy wasn't allowed to be shown having as a war arguing over whether or not girls big man but by the end of the argument they ignited. Both up is we all know that frosted bring people although. It is circulated that he was depressed to and that ed in part of robot areas brings. We said that earlier. And i think when you do pick on a roll of superman it more than i have a four because the character means so much to adults and two children that it really is more than just a job. You have to look at who you are as a person and no matter. What always No you'll be associated that character for life and people will always think about you as that will reflect on that end you are tearing that or carrying that mantle for a while as a person it means a lot that you are honoring the air now an interesting fact by thirty seven years old. He was oldest actor to make. I've action debut as art superman or gallons age made. He was the oldest african play. The role of men by vacuum given he was forty four years old during the filming of Really crazy if he was thirty seven played. Superman later will find out. How old gerard. Christopher was you boy. And how young brandon. Routh buzz man or always remem-

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