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Dangerous efforts Continue. ABC is Julia McFarland. Dozens of migrants have drowned after their boat sank off Tunisia in the Mediterranean Sea. According to the Tunisian Red Crescent. More than 80 were rescued by the Navy migrants were trying to reach Europe from Libya, warning that every act of violence by Hamas, the extremist group that runs Gaza will be met by a strong response. Israel's new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, now this Israeli fighter jets bombed, abandoned Hamas targets Saturday for a second day in a row after explosives were flown over the border. But despite this Violence. Egypt is continuing to mediate talks on a long term ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, ABC. Jordana Miller in Jerusalem as Pope Francis recovers at a Rome hospital from surgery today for an intestinal issue, the Vatican press office issuing a statement saying In September, the Holy father will travel to Budapest, Hungary, for the conclusion of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress and in Slovakia for pastoral visit to multiple cities. ABC is Derek Dennis about face actress Phylicia Rashad Apollo Disguising for cheering the overturning of Bill Cosby's sexual assault conviction. The apology reportedly comes in a letter obtained by CNN written to students of Howard University, where she is the dean of the schools. College of Fine Arts. The actress played Cosby's wife on his sitcom in the 1980. ABC is Dave Packer. Fireworks returning to New Orleans on Independence Day. Thanks to the actor Will Smith. Paying the $100,000 tab. This is ABC News. The pandemics taught us anything. It's that the easiest way for germs to get into your body is the nose. Nevada's uses powered suction to flush out allergens, mucus and germs that cause congestion, colds and flu so you can breathe better sleep deeper, snore less and feel healthier. Experienced Nevada that zero risk gonna lavage dot com Bine Davidge and use it for a month. If you're not delighted, Return it for a full refund. There's nothing to lose and a lifetime of better breathing to gain knave, Ege n a V A G E Chuck Sivertsen, ABC News Honey, What are you doing? Oh, you know, learning how to be a hibachi Chef. Why? Well, it was so easy to get an auto loan from Navy Federal Credit Union. I needed something more challenging. Heads up. Do not throw that tripped me.

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