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So let's get the coaching news guys are good news for mississippi state apparently uh were reporting the joe more had the penn state offensive coordinator we'll be going to start vegas as the new coach of the bulldogs uh this uh to me peter is uh it's exciting news for the league beyond does he really uh just gave such a jolt of energy to i penn state offense in his two seasons there yeah and i talk to people in mississippi state late last night about eight two different people in i was like hey first of all congratulations on a quick inefficient search because death so mountain that so many athletic directors' you know all i've got a list of names just encased in my drawer every single day we'll lot those names are you know or or not actually reasonable ideas and i think they had a couple of reasonable candidates i think is bread venables i think jeremy pruitt defensive coordinator at alabama emma and then moorhead in for them kudos for them for saying hey you know what uh dan melania he had a couple sec routes but he wasn't you know born and raised in the sec let's take a guy that has a creative offense in offense that mississippi state people are excited about because they traditionally get allotted schuco kids in they can plug it they feel like they'll be able to plug and play um more heads offense with these kids so um very exciting times in in listen he's going to inherit a pretty solid mississippi state team that's one of the reasons why don't i talked to dan mullin you know in in this before this season he personally said listen i'm in a good spot i don't forsee myself leaving because as good as we're going to be this year i think we're okay next year we're going to be honestly maybe one of my best teams they are so um it's a greats a situation all around for mississippi state and more head could is in the sec we needed to stop having reach reds we needed to see some new blood to see what they can do in mississippi states a perfect spot for him.

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