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Is James Becher. And you're listening to giants football on the fan, WFAN and WFAN FM New York. We're back you on cores lie giant's game day. John schmuck with you. I want to remind you that after every game on MSG networks catch. The giants postgame show presented by Mercedes Benz all season on MSG network TV home of the New York Giants and right now let's chat a little bit with a member of the opposition which owned by Dallas Cowboys cornerback Byron Jones Byron thanks for at the time. Today. We appreciate it. Byron let's start with the team first before we get into some of your individual stuff. Obviously a loss in week one. You're disappointed, but the defense gave up only about three hundred yards to the Panthers offensively when you looked at the tape or are you pretty happy with the performance us is put on the field on defense for the most part. But the frustrating thing about it is there's so much more that we can accomplish you get done, and it's small communication errors responsibilities from a couple of guys here and there and. We're looking to shut teams out looking just to have you know team what sixteen points. Points in that. If if it's responsibility to stop them. That's what we want to do. And that's defense with alternate. Now, look like you guys turned it on a little bit in the second half you especially contain can't run the football. How much of that? Was it just spins and how much of that? Do you think was really just the starters? Maybe brushing some Rostov considering how little playing time the starters tend to get in preseason these days. That we made coach good job understand what's happening during the game doesn't accept what he meant adjustment. And took care that issue. You mentioned Christmas shard he's a new defensive backs coach and passing game coordinator on defense. What has he brought to you guys on that side of the ball? And how is he affected the way you guys play? He's a man. Juicy thinks he loves the game. You got the replacement around with that? So he's a special guy, and he brings the energy to the defense building. We've been a blessing to having building so far. So we're trying to get better. But he's definitely definitely Rifai. Byron you were drafted people said he could play safety. He could play corner at the start of your NFL career. You used primarily at safety Powell has the transition gone for you from safety to now a fulltime quarterback. I love the challenge. It's canoe challenge for me. It's something that I've always wanted to go back to and it's been a blessing to play in his style of defense that we are playing press coverage. I'm able to use my long it must be eight and and all that to my advantage. So it's tough. But if it's doing it every single day, it's not going to work hard take care about the Carribean camping throughout the season. You know, by are we actually did an interview with you your rookie season? If. Feels like only yesterday. But now I look at the Cowboys roster on defense, and you're one of the widely vets you guys have the very young defensive group. How much some of the young guys in this group? Still kind of learning coming together and getting chemistry together. And how good can they get as the season goes along exactly at the season. Gold long. That's to experience you can never really replicate intensity. And. And the amount of focus esoteric during a game. The young guys just have to go through that period of growing and growth coming along. He's got the smart, they're bright. They want to get better. And that's the most important part is talking to Fillmore already paying attention to attentive or taking notes last night right questions. And you know when you cared onto the field. These guys are just going to get more experienced on a rope man that's far different tobacco. What has it been like watching Jalen Smith from where he was when he showed up three years ago to where he is now. It's awesome. It's honest. I don't remember those times when he showed up all our vision for being like this and all the guys in an enrollment on team envisioned that. It's hard to think about looking back at that time period when you walked in the door, but he's made a tremendous come around. For that kid. Can you even tell he ever had an injury at this point? Not at all, man. He's definitely. Yeah. He's definitely showing signs of being a great linebacker. All right. Let's talk about the giants a little bit. Obviously. You're very familiar with them. However different ski now. Coach Shurmur you've looked at Amman tape this week Byron, what are some of the things you've seen for the Montana that you know, you guys had to be ready for the slowdown. This giants offense gonna run up back amazing quarterback has been there for forever. Our kids watching the giants play ball. Obviously they have one of the best receivers. In general and our generation. I'll put a lot of things we got our work cut out for us. But that's the fun part. Offense is one of the best of the game. So. And we're looking forward to baron looking forward to senior appreciate the time. Thanks so much. We'll talk to you soon. Here. That's Dallas Cowboys cornerback Byron Jones when we come back. We'll do the roundtable myself. Lance meadow, Paul the Tino on Jeff eagles debate. And predict what's going to happen in tonight's game. We'll be right back. You're listening to Coors light giant's game day on the WFAN giants radio network driven by the Hess. Toy truck..

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