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Respect for the Lakers organization which is reeling from the death of Kobe Bryant and lebron was seen sobbing when he got off the Lakers team planet Allie X. on Sunday following a game yeah I'm sorry it's Donna demeanor of jealous heart that was hard to watch I didn't but that's it's classy move by the Lakers yeah there's there's gonna be a great time to have a wonderful tribute but can you imagine those those guys trying to play it and no no no what time you know yes it's just the wind you re schedule those things because they play so much but one of the Timberwolves or I guess what I don't know who the player was said last night that this would make Colby mad this would make of Kobe yeah because he was a champion and he was a warrior and the game must go on and he would want the whole league to get out on the court and play your heart okay and that would be a fine tribute to him yeah that is this true okay one day at a time we were upset that it got cancelled will back I'm actually is now on pop TV and it looks like ray Romano is gonna join for the first episode well that's really cool I love remember mono he's great and it's debuting March twenty fourth so you can still see one day at a time it's a great show you know it speaks it's it's Norman Lear it's a remake of his original show with Bonnie Franklin the eighties put updated it's about a Cuban American family I meet Rita marranos and I need to I need to say anything else reason enough to watch in the he's playing Schneider Jason no no there's another guy the voice there but the temple they tackle topics a lot of sitcoms don't tackle and I think it's a brave and it's it's good it's good Brian may from queen the guitarist yes a lot of artistic talents he now is self on his website you can find Brian may guitars sports bras it's one of the products on as well yeah it's like all of his guitars in dark colors printed on sports bras this is one of those things that you like really this is part of your merch it's kind of weird right tax we'll buy it I get a so we're done something wrong it's right jock straps yes or many other hammocks a look into that she got really excited about that okay that's a leap to stir at the top of every hour and it's a twenty twelve twenty and five twenty on my top one of seven one down my side but I can't really trust are you my room so god awful so good I'd go crazy was back everybody she's she's Stephanie Hanson without even trying to be Stephanie but no one ever I.

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