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Service before card ships are terms conditions and exclusions apply member f._d._i._c. w._b._z. news time eleven oh traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by the northern illinois food bank and here's voter and moved sailing on the edens on the in and out sides right now it's nineteen minutes from lake cook into the kennedy junction nineteen on the outbound trip as well the kennedy amount forty five minutes so here to downtown in thirty two minutes in from the edens junction the local twenty two in the express on the outbound side of the kennedy stalled the damon exit ramp is now clear it's nineteen minutes to montrose thirty four out to o'hare is not worry about forty five minutes from route three ninety into downtown you're looking at twenty seven information heim outbound onto ninety twenty to thirty five out to three ninety the stevenson inbound forty two minutes to get from three fifty five to lakeshore drive twenty six in from the tri-state alabama stall on the right center lane of polaski you're looking at twenty nine minutes out to the tri-state totally thirty nine to three fifty five northbound fifty five and we'll county pretty heavy from route one twenty nine arsenal because of ongoing roadwork the dan ryan inbound twenty five minutes ninety five downtown southbound is all good fifty-seven inbound no problems outbound slow from one hundred sixty seven to eighty because of moving roadwork it's not minute trip to i eighty from the dan ryan the bishop ford l. clear lake shore drive northbound heavy through grand park southbound heavy from the street curb chicago avenue on the tristate tony north on the northbound stevenson you'd have a crash on the ramp is blocking the travel agent looks like traffic is getting by on the right shoulder of that to northbound tristate ramp to the northbound stevenson and then you're heavy from before lake cook to half day road southbound tracks heavy past route sixty two the edens spur and from i eighty to the bishop ford on the south end of the tri state tollway that delay off the south end of the totally continues on eastbound ninety four out to the state line on the rest of the only toys the jane addams in are looking okay you do have a spot of a severe storm moving through elgin right now on i ninety it's causing some wet roads there but no major problems three fifty five northbound slow sixty thirty eight no southbound delays rowntree ninety eastbound heavy rather on eighty eastbound you're heavy from kenya the tristate eighty ninety four westbound slow before sixty five before berg traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on news radio seven eighty five point nine f._m. coming up the pride parade is this weekend but a group of south siders say the north side shouldn't have all the the fun the accu weather forecast for today intervals of clouds and sun rather breezy hot and humid shower or thunderstorm around if we have some rain pushing.

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