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Max eight after that deadly crash Ethiopia tonight new action by the UK, Germany, France, all joining other countries in grounding, those new jets investigators from the NTSB were at the crash site all day today, but what our correspondent on the scene. Learn today about those black boxes ABC's Matt Cup in on the scene in Ethiopia. Tonight with the EU and dozens of other countries banning the seven thirty seven eight the lead investigator on the ground telling ABC news, they won't even begin to examine the black boxes for days. So you haven't gotten into it yet? You haven't gotten inside of it yet. He tells me they want to clear the debris field first before they begin to extract crucial data from those recorders potentially holding up a decision by American Airlines and southwest which continued to use the plane's about whether to ground their own fleets. The delay by the THEO paeans in reading out these boxes at unconscionable. If there's a problem with the airplane the world needs to know now in not five six seven days. From now flight three oh, two took off Sunday morning carrying one hundred fifty seven people the pilot radioing the airport that he had trouble and just six minutes in that plane slammed into this field. They're taking out the perimeter expanding the debris field investigators from the NTSB and Boeing assisting the THEO paeans, taking pictures of wreckage as. Other workers piled up shredded pieces of that fuselage. Amid pieces of the fuselage that look like they've been through a shredder. There also reminders that there were people on board personal effects like sweaters books and shoes. Back at home. The flight attendants union representing American Airlines calling on their company's CEO to strongly consider grounding the fleet until a thorough investigation can be performed Boeing CEO speaking with President Trump this afternoon making it clear he is absolutely confident in the safety of airplanes just moments ago. David the FAA out with a new statement saying that the agency sees no reason to ground the seven thirty seven max is now they're only seventy two max is flying in the US at of thousands of airplanes. But if you are still concerned, both American Airlines and southwest list, the kind of plane you'll be on during the booking process. Dave Mack up on this again tonight. Matt, thank you. In the meantime, we turn.

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