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In talk when we drove around, DETROIT IN HIS CADILLAC. He said it was triple black. House a key. It s like worst triple black. He. Said my cadillac boy. Like that no, what is triple black me? He was quiet. I don't think he knew what it meant, but. My Dad. He always got a big answer he say black on. Outside Black Onis. In a black man drive triple. There's something happened in. My Dad blamed it on. This guy named Reagan. This thing called reaganomics. It any didn't wear. The big hat is much, or the double breast is sue. Somebody came and took the Cadillac in the Toyota. We would drive around. Detroit will leak on through the sunroof for rainy days, but by still talked me. I was working when he found another Cadillac. This one was huge. We poured into the parking lot and I remember. He got out the car excited and I looked at it in the head rust on it was black and big, but it had rust in STUCCO and in. Chrome and gold plated trauma in. My thought was this thing is tacky. But my dad was so excited. He was telling me how he said it was a limousine. He was like what are you going to do with it and sight make could be contagious and after a while, I said man this limbless fresh. This was the eighties. Fresh, I never should've said. Eighth Grade Graduation. It wasn't the highlight of my scholastic career, but being a went to high school with a fifty percent dropout rate. It was a big deal for fifty percents students. Kiss with talking about where Tuxedos to the graduation, people saw like boyfriend, girlfriend, addressing same colors and and people talking about getting limos. I had came home from playing basketball in my sister, said daddy that is said to be people, so I went into the kitchen phone. Beep them this. You did it in eighties. You know and. He called bag. He said year man. You got to graduation coming up right. I know how much you love limousine, you know. You will take you to the graduation in a limousine. Let you pull show off to your friends. And then he got off the phone. I was mortified. I'd not want to drive in that Bishop. Dr. One Super Flos any blaxploitation movie. You can really die in my dorm. I WanNa.

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