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The payroll, handing David Bella team minus the Cy Young Award winner. And Iglesias and Bradley and not re allocating the funds and then waiting to 100 games into the season before anything was done to improve the bullpen. But those same fans who have been critical since the off season of what wasn't done. Hesitate to give David Bell credit. For having said team 12 games over 500 in a wild card spot. Think of that complaint since the off season about this team that bullpen worst I've ever seen. The owner slash the payroll. They didn't reallocate the money. I can't believe that you like the glaciers going in and and Bradley go and And yet, through all of that, they're not 100 lost team. They're a team that's 12 games over 500. And yet it's like they believe this happened by osmosis or something, or that David Bell somehow some way is only responsible for the 57 losses, and he has nothing to do with the 59 wins or 69 wins. That's what's odd to me. No credit for having anything to do with the 67 wins, but fingerprints all over the 57 losses. No, I go back to Saturday night. It's funny. I waited and I waited and I'm still waiting. Saturday night was a game where David Bell pulled like 12 different levers during the game. And they all worked out. Haven't had one single person say. And I'll tell you what a double switch by DAVID Bell when weight Miley was in trouble, and that game was tied, and he took out Miley and took out, make one and put in Sessa and put in show Go in center field. And on the very first pitch. There was a fly ball to shallow center field that Tyler Nay Quinn would have had no chance of catching whatsoever. Show. Go on the run slides and catches it. They get out of the inning. And then the following inning. Played a little gamesmanship with the Marlins and and put up Moose and then said, All right, they're going to stay. Okay, I'll take down moves. I'm going to send up Tyler Stevenson to face the right hander, two run double. And then Lorenzen for a five out save. And you know how many people have reached out to me and said, I man, how about that? Zero? None. Nobody mentioned that. But if they lose tonight, they'll mention that it was David Bell's fault. Which I find fascinating. It's a really good read from Bobby Nightingale. Since I inquire. And since I dot com uh if you'd like to check it out, we come back. What were you doing? What were you doing 32 years ago today? If you were in this city, I was not I wish I was. I can't imagine what it was like. I can't imagine what sports talk was like. 32 years ago today. This city was flipped upside down. That is we roll on with the Arnell carrier Sports talk. It's presented by Kelsey Chevrolet 700 WLW plant based meat. It's all the.

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