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That sat captain Caspian. was the noise coming from the Shakespeare Finn. Vinh felt a cold sweat bead on his forehead. The Shakespeare was now the size of a tennis ball on the screen. It was coming at them for them and and fast going to run said fin beginning to feel panicked. Is that what you think we should do. So captain Caspian no said Said Fin if Giuliana is on there then. I don't want to run. Captain Caspian smiled. That's right and besides a rivalry with Shakespeare a twenty notwithstanding outstanding. They are humans earthlings just like us if they're in trouble we need to help them and if they are the trouble then we need to stop them. The Shakespeare eight twenty stopped. It hovered looming large on the marlow screen. Finn felt like he could throw rock and hit it. It was so close and it was so weird it looked a lot like the last time they saw it only this time that green light the streaming out of all of its Windows Shakespeare. A twenty this says Captain Caspian of the Marlow to eighty thank you for responding to my beacon. VINS MOM lifted her finger off the communications button. Okay I'm going to turn on their communications now. Let's see if they have anything to say in his mother..

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