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And it is about Jamie Kloss a little girl that was discovered alive about seventy miles from where she vantage vanished. We have a suspect. A Patterson John was the first named John Patterson, Jake Paterson twenty one years old suspect killed accused of killing her parents and abducting her and so we're going to be covering that story all day. And if there's another press conference, and what's the latest on that? I'm just getting a little more information. Like, I'm going through scouring everything that I can. So what it looks like is again as what we already know is Jamie, somehow escaped we still don't know exactly how this happened. She goes, according to this neighbor who was walking her dog. Jamie is screaming running down the street or help me. Help me help me then the woman recognizes her goes to a neighbor's house starts screaming on the door. Call nine one one. This is Jamie, close call nine one one. The guy says he opens the door. It was like seeing a ghost. Because it was who they've seen on billboards and commercials for months now, they're seeing that Jamie appeared thin and ragged wearing what looked like leggings and a sweatshirt and oversized men's tennis shoes, they say she was very quiet and she waited for police to arrive roughly fifteen minutes later, she looked the same in the photos. They say just a lot thinner and the woman who I founder said she was absolutely traumatized that could be. Yeah. So as far as the guy goes, though, again, all we know is that he lived in the in the house where he grew up and with his brother, although neighbors are saying they didn't think that he was living there anymore. But maybe I'm guessing now that that is too wet police were referring to when they said that he went out of his way to hide his identity and stuff like that. Maybe he was back in that house. But making sure that nobody knew he was back in that house, which makes me wonder the worst the brother, and what if anything did the brother have to do with this? Or did he know anything about this? Okay. Oh, next story immigration courts, which have already been at a snail's pace have been nearly frozen apparently by the government shutdown..

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