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All right. Welcome back to the GSM see baseball podcast. So far today, Jeff, and I have talked about these scores over the weekend in the LB spent that last segment talking about the Yankees, maybe possibly moving the Tampa Bay rays over the Montreal, making them the Expos get. Now we move on and the giants fired general manager, their general manager of the past twenty five years, Bobby Evans. I mean, you look at the giants this year. I really did not like the mccutchen signing or the Evan longoria signing at all. I just felt like those guys were everyone knew they were on the back end of their career. Well, since he's been there for so long, they are offering him other job within the organization just now somewhat the heavy title or he can look elsewhere. But with three World Series, twenty five years like he's, he's been the Lynch succumb. And that's Bumgarner and BUSTER Posey. But also there's been some big down years that are unacceptable in a situation like that, and I'm curious. Okay, you got him. We've been there for twenty five years. Do you think maybe the giants ownership or front office looking to to maybe get a fresh start and you think maybe this affects bocce anywhere? Possibly, but I think they would have done the loose together. She and Evans. Yeah, GM the end the season already. I mean a GM the at the season, bocce think is on the hot seat officially amount, but. I would say that the giants GM position a lot of good general managers are looking for to try to get that. Yeah, they're not like they're still they're still good organization organization. So them finding a new general manager. I don't think it's gonna be hard. Plus, I mean, yeah, we're going to San Francisco is the worst thing ever and they have a very high payroll, so they're gonna get someone quality that's for sure. And I'm just curious to see if they bring a new GM of it's kind of like the NFL where you bring a new GM and you let him pretty much higher who he wants the head coach or manager. I think it's going to be a working together with the president or you think maybe they hire someone from within. I don't think so. I heard they're just out there since he's looking for outside of Plymouth. They're looking for outside employment also for the GM position. I don't know exactly who they are thinking of taking, but I'm definitely thinking they're going to take someone with proced-. They're not gonna give new guy opportunity. Keep with someone that they know they can rely on for a good team in another championship run someone who's been there and done that before. Yeah, exactly. Knows. Maybe you can try poach Epstein away from the cubs offer them some kind of crazy amount of money. That's, that's that's more of ages Jesse throwing something out there. Never let him go. Yeah, double that offer probably deal FC needs a statue outside of Wrigley field. The. Oh, sure. I mean, I'm not paying for it. He broke the curse and all that, but the whole team broke the curse to looking at the giants. I mean, they're not a they're bad road team. I wouldn't say there bad home team being the worst record in the National League at the moment. Yeah, leaking out of the thirty one in fifty on the road..

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