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Needle because if three tells you if you can't do it all right uh if you could cook up a scenario or to and which the patriots end up in troubled tomorrow what would those scenarios look like right well turnovers number one um that brady has problems that fall security uh there's a strict sacked for touchdown um you know perhaps we get one of these uh plays like in the super bowl last year cover one robbers that he doesn't see and then all of a sudden berry church comes out of nowhere in picks off a pass and intakes of the house i mean that the jaguars are going to have to get turnovers in this game or else is not going to be on test um the other thing is you know if the jaguars to gin you to play up front on the offensive line that they did against the steelers the steelers did not play well but you have to give the jaguars a lot of credit lindor the centre had about the best game from a center that i've seen all season he was incredible in that game he was physical he was powerful he was also quick um so they could control the line of scrimmage again and uh y and be able to run the ball combined with turnovers that's the that's the formula for that last one for your greg what happens tomorrow i think the patriots have a pretty easy time i think it'll be tight for about two and a half quarters uh i could see you know the jaguars within a touchdown uh at halftime but you know just like we've seen in the last two super bowl so you can seattle and atlanta at a certain point com pine palm brady's gonna figure it out to tcs going to become a factor after running tempo during the game and i think the patriots put on the afterburners and they went thirty am hi greg thanks africa we can have fun tomorrow buddy sounds good thanks but there goes greg guard of boston sports journal so couple of things brady sand not going to be an issue how about greg saying the achilles is more of an issue than the hand right now that's interesting it also leave it to greg right we got a text than i was thinking the same thing a text greg you're the best but only you would pick a guard as the.

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