Fred Sports Traffic Center, Willie Nelson, Whiskey River discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Jobs will go unfilled saving $282 million in next year's budget. Whiskey River. Hey, my mind Secure room South by Southwest will take place virtually because of the pandemic. Texas native Willie Nelson will be the keynote speaker. The music fest will be in March will go more in depth on that five star Variance program in Denver that we've been talking about the live interview at 8 54. Don't miss that first sunny, clear skies out there this morning. How's the commute right? Now, John, pretty decent this morning, April Start to see things really loosen up in the bed. Fred Sports Traffic Center. You're to 70 driver's gonna be heavy all day. It always is. It's heavy right now. But boy, you're I 76 drive his loosen up through Commerce City. So even the Commerce City drive is showing signs of improvement downtown. I'm still seeing a lot of traffic South tonight 25 from 20th down to about spear right around six to have you both sides of I 25 pretty heavy in those ramps off these found Sixth Avenue on the south bound are pretty jammed up in traffic to a lot of traffic streaming out of the Aurora. Areas South found 2 to 5 Still heavy approaching, I 25 but no big accidents here this morning There was that one out on I 76 mile marker 49 out east of Rajan. And there was also that and still is that closure of 2 85 between fair play and in terrible junction of in the high country, But down here this morning light winds beautiful blue sky. And not a bad drive. This reporter sponsored by matches, Pharmacy Year in sale and matches for for a limited time. Save up to $300 on top rated mattress brands. Plus get a free adjustable base with your 6 99.

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