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A right returning to our weather alerts on this Wednesday live you've downtown Indianapolis monument, circle that one light through the moisture and the air is really kind of distracting the view here. But so is the snow and rain. Yes, it's really coming down out there. But kind of in that transition moments where exactly in that moment right now. I think we're finishing up with the snow here in Indianapolis. We did manage to cumulate just shy of an inch and a half point four inches. Senate the airport down in Batesville, exactly one Entsch. We are starting to see a transition over to freezing rain and freezing rain will cause issues especially on roadways on top of already all of the snow covered. Interstates. And secondary roads says something to keep in mind as you're heading out and about this morning. You're going to be dealing with kind of a tough morning commute. We have a winter weather advisory in effect until ten o'clock this morning that does include most if not all of central Indiana, and we are starting to see the freezing precipitation now shift northward, so we are looking at. Freezing rain here in Indianapolis. Mainly snow just north of us near Kokomo Lafayette now starting to see a change over right now within the snow. I wouldn't be surprised if we are seeing a little bit of mixing while some freezing drizzle. Also, some sleet closer to downtown. We're seeing some rain sleet, freezing drizzle also mixing in as well. So that is pretty much all over the I four sixty five loop all of the interstates getting into downtown this morning. So take it easy. Take it a bit slower freezing rain, also some light regular rain earlier. We were seeing some radar detected lightning now that has since subsided. So we're just dealing with some rain and freezing drizzle from about Indianapolis, employed. Southward eventually, this is all going to transition into plain old rain once temperatures start to warm up and the arguing so for right now, we'll take you through future cast by mid to late morning. We should start to see the main bulk of moisture shift eastbound will see a few scattered light rain showers. Take us through our eight o'clock hour, nine o'clock a lull inactivity. We might see a few light sprinkles around the area. Nothing too widespread before an additional complex moves through. So we could see some moderate to heavy rain with this throughout mid to late afternoon and then closer to dinnertime evening commute. We should start to see it. Move out later on tonight. We will begin to dry out the winter weather threats for today. Snowfall is well behind this for now areas north are mainly dealing with the snow right now it will be a cold start today, but ice and slick road conditions, especially an untreated surfaces will be the main concern this morning. Thirty two degrees as you're heading out the door right now, it's thirty three in Shelbyville thirty in Lafayette, twenty eight and Kokomo temperatures will warm into the upper thirty s by noon. So we will see rain showers closer to your lunch hour, we'll continue to track rain through the afternoon with highs tapping out in the mid to lower forty high forty two here in Indianapolis forty-seven down in Bloomington into fifty down in Bedford temperatures tonight will fall to near freezing. And then we'll continue to slip in the temperature department. But at least we stay dry, partly to mostly cloudy skies. Overnight lows falling into the upper twenties. Twenty-eight mindy? Annapolis twenty nine in Bloomington and twenty nine in Bedford highs tomorrow, we'll tap out in the mid forties. So a little bit of a warmer day forty four here in the Bloomington area and then down in Bedford at forty five degrees as well future cast throughout the afternoon. Tomorrow into the overnight hours rather looks fairly quiet just a few clouds here and there, but we will keep cloud cover around for the morning commute tomorrow. Maybe a few raise the sunshine as well. But we will stay mainly dry in precipitation free for the most part come Thursday by Friday, we're factoring, and I think a better chance of a few showers. Thirty degrees for tomorrow morning. Thirty seven by noon, forty three by four o'clock with cloud cover thickening up by Friday morning. We'll still see mostly cloudy skies will continue to see a lot of cloud cover through the morning and afternoon. Maybe a few light scattered showers to wrap the day on Friday. These are not going to be widespread and not everybody will pick up on shower activity wrap up the day on Friday, but Saturday everybody, well, we'll even here few rumbles of thunder possibly come Saturday morning and Saturday. Afternoon. Sixty degrees is forecasting for high on Saturday forty-three by Sunday are Chapman heating and cooling eight day forecast. Workweek next week temperatures will dip into the upper thirties and forties. Come Tuesday with some later, rain showers, and then an early next come one day with highs in the mid thirties. Let's.

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