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Remarkable omar villafranca cbs news lewisville texas modeled jenness dickerson testified to a jury thursday that bill cosby raped her in one thousand nine hundred two after giving her a pill he said would ease her menstrual cramps she said instead left her immobilized prosecutors used dickinson's testimony along with others to show cosby had a history of drugging and molesting women long before he was charged with violating andrea constand at a suburban philadelphia home and two thousand four she testified friday three blue pills he gave her knocked around before he assaulted her reporter matt piper was in the courtroom and reports on the testimonies of two other accusers say lhasa was very emotional on the stand when recalling meeting cosby when she was seventeen at the las vegas hilton she claims cosby offered her a pill and a drink and she passed out lacey says she was sexually assaulted and that cosby took her life from her janice baker kenny says cosby offered her two pills at arena oh home in nineteen ninety two she fell asleep and woke up with her clothes off cosby's team is trying to highlight inconsistencies in their stories to police over the years and claims their attorney gloria allred is trying to get money from cosby that piper cbs news norristown pennsylvania cosby's first trial ended in a hung jury he denies the allegations los angeles county prosecutors say they're reviewing a sexual assault case against actor kevin spacey the district attorney's office says sheriff's investigators presented the allegations to prosecutors on april fifth he lets assault took place in one thousand nine hundred and west hollywood and the alleged victim was an adult at the time the sheriff's department says its investigation began in december and the case was presented to the da's office last week a source familiar with the probe concedes a case likely falls beyond the statute of limitations but says it was sent to the.

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