President Trump, Rick Gates, Congress discussed on Rubicon: The Impeachment of Donald Trump


Saudi Arabia pays cash director. Molly isn't it fair to say that the president is written answers not only inadequate and incomplete because he he didn't answer many of your questions where he did his answer show that he wasn't always being truthful I would say generally Saudi Arabia and I get along great with all of they buy it from me. Spend forty million fifty million my supposed to dislike them. I like them very much. The articles of impeachment against Donald Trump charge him with abuse of power and Instruction and if anything is true in life Donald Trump has abused his power and obstructed everything that's threatened his grip on power indeed abuse power and obstruction are frameworks at Congress could use to impeach Donald Trump for most most of the impeachable offenses. He's committed at least in theory in practice. The House of Representatives has chosen to impeach Donald Trump for only the most immediate abuses of power and acts of obstruction before them. President trump solicited a foreign nation Ukraine to publicly announce investigations into his his opponent and a baseless conspiracy theory promoted by Russia to help his reelection campaign. President trump abuse the power of his office by conditioning to official acts to get Ukraine to help his reelection the release of hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid that nation desperately desperately needed and a White House meeting with an ally trying to fend off Russian aggression in so doing he undermined our national security already and jeopardized the integrity of our next election. The evidence is every bit as strong that President Trump has obstructed congress fully without precedent and and without basis in law. If allowed to stand it would decimate Congress's ability to conduct oversight of this president or any other in the future leaving this president and those who follow to be free to be as corrupt malfeasance or incompetent as they would like with no prospect suspect discovery or accountability. What does this leave out unless you think? Trump betrayed his oath of office for the first time earlier this year it leaves out the vast majority Jordy of his high crimes and misdemeanors remember. Trump ran for president promising to commit war crimes and order the Justice Department to investigate his political enemies. He's and he's kept his promise. He continues to use his private businesses to solicit bribes and otherwise profit from the presidency when his illegal conduct has caught the eye of prosecutors. He's obstructed their criminal investigations. Consider this hours after house. Democrats it's introduced articles of impeachment. The government revealed that someone had offered one of trump's top campaign aides rick gates cold hard cash not to cooperate with special counsel Robert. Muller one minute we learn trump will not be charged with bribery or obstruction of justice. The next we learn someone in his his orbit bribed a witness to obstruct justice and yet Rick Gates has not been called to testify. Meanwhile while House Democrats gear up to impeach the third president in US history they also cut a deal with him a deal to modernized Nafta the same free trade agreement he. He ran against to appeal to working class. Voters in the Midwest in the criminal justice system prosecutors normally charge defendants with crimes. Only when they're near certain that juries aries will agree with them and as it happens the Ukraine shakedown and cover up may be the most cut and dry crime trump has ever been caught committing. He had the motive means and opportunity and Democrats. Have the evidence but impeachment isn't criminal justice and as long as Republicans remained lashed to trump. It isn't really a system of justice at all. It's a bully pulpit for exposing corrupt President and those who seek to keep him in power despite all of his crimes. So why are Democrats doing this. And what should those of us who fear the consequences of accommodating on authoritarian president. Do Response. This week I'll discuss those questions nations with Michelle Goldberg a New York Times columnist and Co host of the podcast. The argument and we'll look ahead to what's next in the incredible shrinking impeachment of.

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