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New blood new talent. Fortunately, a lot more women in charge, which is always a plus in my opinion. But you're right. I think the most exciting part of as we had record number of people show up to vote the shows that they were concerned, or at least want their voice heard which in many years past. We haven't had that. So from that standpoint, I think it's hopefully, we'll keep a nice balance and not put so much one side or the other in charge, and I'm encouraged by hopefully in the next election. We'll have even a greater turnout. So it should be too. I mean, I'm excited, but I really think Americans their fabulous people. We're new we're so new I mean, really Rome Italy. Thousands of years Japan thousands of years. What are we two hundred and fifty years if that were really I think we're two hundred twenty six years old and we made mistakes. Yeah. But nothing like they have of course, they've had more time to make them what we have achieved. I mean, stop picking on ourselves try to clean up the messes. We've made and get going. I mean, there's this fabulous world out there to embrace to try to help, you know, like the pipeline. What are we going to do about the pipeline? What are we gonna do about solar energy and wind energy? They seem like answers. But are they really I don't know. I mean, the wind skills all the Burs those darn windmills. And I look at that. And I say, well, you know, okay. At least it's quote, clean, unquote. But we've got we've got big issues, but they tend to be pragmatic in a sense. You know, like, okay. How did he get food on the table? How do you get energy those kind of issues? It's not like, well, you know, we've got seven marines off our shore. And they're armed which is what our parents had to deal with. Exactly, exactly. So we can have a lot worse. So learn fast and definitely get involved. So Homer hand every pick up a copy of the book. It's another exciting mystery murder has some great insight in the hot topics that everybody should be aware of the characters were always geniuses. Always to remain other great job done with the book. Everybody go out and pick up a copy of homeward hound you're going to enjoy it thoroughly. And you may learn something you never know. That's good of you to say, you know, the other thing is happy thanksgiving. What a wonderful holiday. It's not commercial. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. We'll happy thanksgiving to you too. Where it's hard to believe, you know, it's funny. When are I'm sure you can agree on this. We were young. And our parents were telling us at time flies by and it gets shorter and shorter every day, we kind of scoffed at him. But now I'm seeing that more and more because there's no way that thanksgiving. I don't know where it goes. But if you do I will go get some and bring it back. Yes, exact- we need that slow it down a little bit. Because I it was just summer of a couple of weeks ago. So. Everybody and pick up a copy of the book. It's Homer Reno may brand you're gonna love it. It's a great part of the continued series and not super job. And, you know, thanks for joining us tonight on animal rights, a pet life radio. Relay Hank came in one last thing if I could ask your listeners to please just spend even five dollars to their local pet shelter. There you go. We're all for that. We're all involved in rescues go out there and donate a little bit of money special coming into the holidays, donate your time and your talents. So that's always good. Okay..

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