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And unfortunately this is the new normal and until we get different leadership in in the white house. I don't have a lot of hopes that this is ever going to end one final thing if the white house truly wanted to show that. This was a bipartisan issue. That this is about getting everybody vaccinated not just democrats. they should give a little credit to president trump. And it's hard for me to say that. Because i don't like president trump but fast and furious did work and he got vaccines out in the amount of time. That was fast and furious. He said he would. And when jen psaki has asked about it she's very cavalier. And quite frankly snarky saying well. We don't need to give him an engraved invitation at this point. If it's this serious that we're going to lock down the country and everybody has to wear masks again including by the way two year olds then you should probably invite president trump or someone in trump land to help get the messaging out because until then we'll just being held hostage until this may be never passes. Nobody's gagging him. Nobody's gagging town can go out and tell his people to get the get the vaccine he does. I think it would be nice to see a bipartisan. Push formerly together and it's just never anything biden tries bipartisanship left and right up the wazoo and nothing all right. We we have to move on sarah yesterday. President biden suggested that states offer incentives. Like giving one hundred bucks for getting vaccinated. You agree with this approach. Absolutely i say whatever it takes. I believe in the incentives When they first came around and in may there was some polling that showed people were thirty four percent or thirty four percent of people said they were more likely to get that made him Make him was referring to you. Know they're just going to be more variants and everything else. There will be at this rate because right now we we've proven that vaccinated people can pass this in the more. This number spikes without people getting vaccinated. Which could start to quell those numbers again. It's vaccines versus variance We are going to keep seeing this kind of staying alive due to the divide on people in how they see this. But i think it's time to consider negative consequences as well because right now if you think about health.

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