Baghdad, RON, Iraqi Army discussed on Background Briefing


And at baghdad which and collusion with her ron and then you've got turkey turkey one is quite adamant about uh curtailing any independence he's already sent they already did the military maneuvers with the iraqi army on the border with iraqi kurdistan and we know that ed one is hysterical about us foreign policy visavis in being here in the united states in as a trial going on new york that might will lead to the fingerprints of his family one's family be involved in corrupt dealings with iran to circumvent sanctions so that could also strange things even further so is there anything that the us can do and i imagine who extension israel to because israel's made an an investment in that relationship with kurdistan if kurdistan goes under or is is basically landlocked isolated isn't that a big setback yeah well you know the the region is is matt and trendier are going in the wrong direction a lot of them you've just cited um uh i think you know particularly important uh iraqi kurdistan region sloth ocracoke which now make then nonviable uh as they quasi independent and he within iraq uh and that will uh that will change the geopolitics through the region and before you know six months ago a year ago you had a very good relationship between air to what actually in bars audie not between turkey and the syrian kurds who were at each other's throat but with between turkey an iraqi kurdish say had a pretty good relationship now that relationship that soured and for that make things much more complex uh and then of course you got the syrian kurds who are being squeezed but frankly who are little overextended a lot.

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