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Journeymen Brian Hoyer, stepping in for Cam Newton after New England starting quarterback tested Is it into the Corona virus, But honestly, the bigger strain should come on the defence against former NFL Most valuable player Patrick Mahomes and the chief's 30 points per game thanks to stud pass catchers tiring, killing Travis Kelsey, not to mention star rookie Clyde Edwards, a lair. Pat's defensive backs to fund Gilmore and Kyle Dugger said. Big opportunity for us to go out and show we can do against those guys. You know, they have great, be. No, we're not going to back down, so it's gonna be two good teams plan against each other. That's that's That's why you played a game in the garden. Eating is good team super side just compete with this level of this offense and how explosive they are. They are some really looking forward to just being able to get out there and compete and do whatever I can to help the team where kickoff tonight at seven Adam Kaufman doubly busy Boston's news radio 1 13 traffic and weather together. The super for retailers of New England. All will drive traffic on the threes. Kevin where the problems right now we're watching a situation here. Over and Lin. It's a portion of North Franklin Street shut down both directions here at the intersection of Forest Street had vehicle hit a poll taken down a pole and a bunch of wires after that intersection, so detours there set up around that area. Do expect delays again. This is wires down crews on scene, the intersection of North Franklin Street and Farrah Street here in Lynn. Looking pretty good over on Rue one for Revere and saw August 90 three's Okay, leaving the city getting up past 1 28 and 4 95. You're up in New Hampshire. 93 South bound your jammed over a mile into the right lane crews here after Exit five and Londonderry and you got various lane closures after that, getting down towards exit one in Salem, south of town. So far, so good on the expressway, either direction, still holding light volume. Between Boston and Braintree and Root three's a nice ride getting down into that Derby Street Lane dropped this report..

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