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Well, Doug, uncle, Mark. I might have swallowed a fly murder. Yeah. I might have swallowed a fly. And I don't know how it should feel about that. You know, uncle Mark swallowed that fly. Maybe he'll die. He maybe it's not gonna be good for the fly. Anyway, either way. Well, what what what can you tell me about what I've just done? Well, okay. What you're leading into. Yes. Is that we are going to be talking about the the ancient Indian religion. That's that's Indian on the other continent. That's right. Not American Indian of Jane ISM. The Jane's are. Yes. So less ancient perhaps than Judaism. But ancient her than Christianity threats that thousand plus year. Needle exactly although that might not be true. Actually, if we take the Jane's at their word. Jane ISM is way, more ancient than any of those religions like eighty five thousand years too, many millions of years eighty five thousand yeah. Or or millions or millions? It just depends on who you're talking to really dispute that because you know, if you want to pick a fight you wanna win a fight pick a fight with Jayme. Right. Well, we'll get to that. But, you know, also if we take the James at their word, we can't really take them at their word, but more on a typical liars. Right. We're gonna get to here's Janes or liars. Well, they they certainly learning part good at the truth or not at the whole truth or they don't believe. Anyway, we'll get to it. Jane ISM cropped up similarly to Buddhism as a response against sort of the Veda, the Vega's that were pervasive religious texts in the region as a gross over simply over-simplification the Veda period was between about fifteen hundred to five hundred BC and from that various religions arose among them Hinduism, which kind of kept the Vega's going Buddhism, which rejected the Vega's and went with the teachings of the Buddha and Jane ISM, which rejected the Vega's and went with a bunch of other teachings that we really don't know where they came from. But to hear the Jane's talk about it our eternal and have been passed down in this reality from dude named. Rishaad. None. The nailed it. Thank you who lived over a million years ago. And I think he lived for eight million years. I'm self the teachings passed through twenty four different on Karas. I'm just going to have a lot of these doing research on this. It's like I have to wait through. So many words that aren't in English. That means nothing to me. It was it. It's it's a painful thing anyway, had that where you bite off topic. And you're like what have I done any of this going to be in my language anyway. So yeah, these teachings have been passed down over the millennia until we got to now. So, you know, special teachings, and I just try to imagine like silly enough in the bible to say, the food was what nine hundred whatever. Yes. Especially when you believe the earth is six thousand years old right guy lived through fifteen percent of that time. Right. But eight million years. Well, I mean at some point you're just out of hobbies through prove your prove it's wrong. I can't right being. Janus one uncle Mark zero as usual, the only lose to Jane. So so these teachings that have been passed down. What are they tell me? Let's get into it. These bitches are serious. There are five main vows that Jane takes on a him saga, which is nonviolence yacht Setanta which is truth, which is an interesting claim because an interesting because we'll talk about that later a stay which is non stealing pretty good Brahma bra Hulme chara, which is celibacy or chastity. Okay. And apple car, which is non attachment. We'll talk about a foe case we new party like a Janus party, right because Janus party don't start..

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