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Handle the Packers should have won that game. The patriots ended up winning that game. And then four years ago. The patriots go out there and the Packers beat them. It was their last loss. I think before they won the Super Bowl. So the. The Packers seemed to play up. Ever play up to their opponent. And also, and so, you know, this is Sunday night football, the Packers usually play pretty well in that sort type of atmosphere, and the other thing is, you know. You know, the pay the patriots defense offense, certainly has the potential to put up forty three points like they did against Kansas City against a bad defense. But also, the the Cassidy and all likelihood is going to give up a lot of points if you can cash in and red zone, and so I expect us to be a tight very high scoring affair, and I think we are going to see Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers aired out like we've all wanted them to were you surprised at the patriots did not make a move going into the trade deadline. A little bit. I wasn't on one hand that you know, they've had a lot of Caplis us because they they have not hit on the draft in recent years this year, they aren't really getting any contributions outside of Michelle. And he's hurt. You know, they they haven't got much out of the draft in in quite a few years. And so that means that you're having to pay a lot of veterans in and they didn't have much cap space. We did a story a couple of weeks ago about how I mean, they only had a million dollars a cap space left and that was not going to last them to the end of the season. So they had to do something. So they restructured Gilmore. In that bottom some space and people were like, oh, well, they can make a deal while it was going to have to be pretty cheap because they still don't have a whole lot of cap room. And so I'm not surprised in that aspect the other aspect, look, they they made deals I think four or five straight years they need help. I thought they might either go for a receiver to help Brady or at linebacker safety type to help them in coverage because they can't cover anybody out of the backfield or or tight ends right now. But they didn't do that. And they're going to have to make do. Check out his work is the owner and operator the Boston sports journal and a just finishing out trick or treat was busy day at the vidartes household. Always is. We'll see you know, I was in LA covering the World Series came home Monday. The patriots are playing that night. You know, this is the last two nights. I've actually been you know, a little slow as far as Boston sports. But that's a that's a rarity another championship right around the corner. I know. I mean, they they had a parade today. You know, it's like, well, you know, again, the next one there every other year pretty awesome stuck cracks so get to connect with you, my friend. Thanks for taking the time out joining us tonight. Yeah, I'm disappointed that the brewers didn't make it. I was hoping to make my return to Milwaukee. But I guess that's going to have to wait. Yeah. We're all looking forward to coming out to Fenway design. It all play out and hey, maybe next year. Not I look forward to it. Good stuff. Greg. Thanks so much time. Appreciate it. Anytime. You bet. That's Greg Vidar MRs stuff in the journal. Second grade Packers beat writer for many years coming up next. We'll get you set for the weekend at the NFL. We will tell you want to.

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