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More. Jewish safety and success in the United States is bound up with that of other minorities, including our brothers and sisters in the black community. Just five years after its founding, AJC had already taken up the cause of racial justice pushing New York state bar discrimination on the basis of race in public accommodation in nineteen eleven. As Reverend Martin Luther King. Junior would point out when accepting EJ American liberties medallion in nineteen, sixty five. That was a time when quote, few men dared to speak out about racial injustice, but the successful passage of that New York bill in nineteen thirteen lead, many other states to follow suit slowly too slowly paving the way for the landmark advances of the nineteen sixties this June eighteenth when AJC joins our black brothers and sisters and celebrating this June, eighteenth is no less festival of freedom than the Jewish festival of Passover, but it also demands introspection no less than the Jewish holiday of Europe. Poor what? Must we each do to root out the racism that exists in our country and our states and cities in our own communities in our homes in our own souls? How can our synagogues organizations be forces for good in this fight? How can we the allies to our black partners? How can we ensure that our? Jewish spaces are as welcoming to black Jews as they are two white ones, these and more are the questions that we must grapple with, and what better place to start than at archambault tables, June eighteenth provides a welcome opportunity to reflect on my favorite lines from what has been termed the black national him. Lift every voice and sing. Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us saying song full of hope that the president has brought us. Through faith that we will persevere, and with hope that a brighter day is dawning, and with a song on our lips. Let us rejoice.

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