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We're good man. So the question came up, girl, Lindsay called in and said, who, who from barstool, do you think will be the first person to date a celebrity? And we said it has to be like an alien a Lister and an I don't think anybody here really can. I also thought that if anything it would be a girl because like a guy who was an atlas there might still be like I wanna sex, without girl, whereas girls might not I don't think we'll stoop down to our level, but you are at international Manta mystery you are low level. You are very Kramer s fall ass backwards into this ridiculous life. You have been known to pull chicks who are high above your pay grade. I you know, and maybe you would be a reasonable pick. Do you think would you bet on yourself? Do you have any experience in this field? How would you approach it? What would you do? Do you have any advice? Gimme mardi, motions thoughts on hooking up with a celebrity. Well, first of all, I'm what a hot streak on. Are you talking believable? I really I don't know what's happening. This is why I need a hidden camera show with mardi much like what a hot streak like. How are you on a hot streak double double shot at rat? That's when they. Love love. I know. But yeah, I think hot, it's first of all, it's too hot out for sex anymore, by the way, this, too. It's too much. Now, I'm with you on that. I mean in general sex is tough, especially when you go sticky and sweaty. Now, I think I would, I think I wouldn't know who the girl is, and I would just be like doing my stupid shit, and unrealized like after the foul shit that would be the rom com plot like you know, doesn't dope it he doesn't realize he's dating if you're Kardashian or Anna Kendrick, I don't know who you will also came up because she isn't Alastair, but she is, she's pretty cool. She really appreciates like humor. I could see you're not being like like Anna. Kendrick doesn't strike minutes type is like I'm only going to date other famous people. So I think it's kind of a Downer and I do think that someone like yourself would she would be like, I feel bad for this bass that let me, let me try to help. Pitying you. Not even pity though. I think that maybe if you departure from my life of, like Glenn A-List, slumming, celebrity girl might just be like you know what? I'm sick of these guys that are just constantly wanting to talk. Yeah. Because even like I mean, we are brought like z listers, like I don't even know where on the scale but I know that now when guys talked to me at bars, I always in the back of my head or like you're only talking to me, because, because I work at parcel, and nine times out of ten. The first question is always about one of you guys. It's like, oh, Kevin Dave, Dan. It's like, okay, you're only talking me because of that. If you're in, you're, like appreciate it when somebody is like, hey, can I buy you a drink and like they don't mention barstool at all? It's great. So I can imagine Ayla celebrity girls at paparazzi following them around. They're like God. I just wanted to partner from this, like, I just want to live a normal life mardi Moshe could be that normal life. I don't know about normal. Well, but. For a more normal person life than I have different parts of your brain that you don't think about these look, these celebrities to come down there and say, oh, man, I never thought about three and one chiampou like some shit like that. Do you think that they think all ponds are circles? Well, that's fact. About a square pond pond. Yeah. Idiot C square. Okay. We're not gonna mardi and I have gone back and forth on this forever there. He's convinced they're all perfect circles. We don't have to get like this is not what we came on radio on Tuesday to talk about just saying they're not I might be more on this week..

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