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It is the bar. All right time for the winter, Sony basilic. Well, this is one of the best offense allies of football. We recognize him for a while to Dallas Cowboys big win against the Detroit lives, forty six forty four. And it's because of the big guys up front. Eighty three yards rushing. One hundred fifty two of those zero sacks only two quarterback pressures. We tell you what that group brought got it done. I mean, they're they played really. Well, they're doing it without Travis Spradlin the center a lot of credit. While this offense a blonde for Indianapolis is now going with a six member on the field. Mark the Lewinsky the former Seahawk extra offense wanted and I intend New England thirty five. Handoff straight ahead running towards the left now cutting to the right is Wilkins with a nice move for five yards. Lewinsky was in there on the block second and five with eleven thirty five to play in the third quarter. The colts really wanted to get the run game going. It just hasn't happened. So far today, and that's because coming into the patriots weren't very good twenty seven the NFL giving up one hundred twenty one and a half yard game. And that's after only give it up fifty six last week before last week. They were on the worst the NFL Paschal. The motion man's second and fought big hole for Wilkins shoots. Roy Wilkins to the twenty right up the middle to the fifteen each quarrels inside the fifteen blocks from clarkin Kelly sixteen yard rip for the rookie. And the colts are in the Buffalo Wild Wings red zone hit the Buffalo Wild Wings for their five dollar game day deals. Great hall. I mean, it was big enough older drive with those Ford trucks through. There was nobody on the backside at all. The work you running back Wilkes gets up and Wilkins is now banged up heads to the sideline replaced by highs. I intend from the fourteen of New England. They give it to Hines Hines trying to squeeze all on that right side. It gets tossed back. The other way by Lawrence guy. Kyle van noy also in there, no gain on the blind cave. Acquaint Lawrence guys gets the penetration gets the initial hit on high heights tries to cut it back. But there's this no one nowhere to go with that rested. That patriot defects. Warning signs flanks locked from the gun ten twenty three to go. In this third quarter. Three receivers to the left one day the right trailing twenty four to three. Look takes the snap. Endzone left side. It's Eric for the touchdown. Devin mccourty. And the colts offense signs of life. They get the coverage record broad. It's a corner route. Just beats recording. Just a very basic route before does not do a good job. Steph had distance between without ball's road, the balls right on time right on target. And remember the kick return thirty two yard set it up for Indianapolis and Eric Hebron, the former Detroit lion signed a two year fifteen million dollar deal. Touchdown grant the export for good a Terry. He muscles at through. And the colts cut into the New England lead. It's twenty four to ten nine forty eight remaining third quarter from Foxborough. You're listening to Thursday night football on Westwood One. The.

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