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It's twenty to forty three here in London. Let's have a look at what's making the Asian front pages. Joined today by Linda, Donald freelance journalist and the Associated Press is former bureau chief in Afghanistan safely studios. Oakland. Good to have you with us. Right. Well, if you found, oh, well, one of the big stories, it's happening in the region. At the moment is the visit by the Donald Trump's special Representative to puck STAN Afghanistan. Kelly Zell make Khalilzad is on a night country tour of the region trying to do Donald Trump's beating and making pace in Afghanistan and bringing an end to the war there. That's quite a list. It's quite a list. Yes. And one of the stories in the South China Morning post today is getting quite excited about the fact that Trump has sent a letter to Imran Khan whose. New ish prime minister of Pakistan asking for his support and facilitation in negotiating an end to the Afghan war. This current war is being going for seventeen years now as of October, but I'm conflict in Afghanistan has been going on for nearly forty years. And so his secretary of defense met Mr. Mattis has come out today and said enough is enough. Let's get it over with and one of the reasons that Trump has written specifically to Imran Khan is because Pakistan has essentially Bain giving the Taliban safe haven and support for the last fifteen also years, and it's from these safe havens in places in Pakistan like Quetta and Karachi in Patiala that they have built up the appel base. And it's from there that they plan and attacks in Afghanistan and send they boys over the over the border to attack, you know, attacks suicide bombings, an awful stuff. Like that in Afghanistan. So we seeing what might be the begin. Inning of an end game. If you're optimistic die, the politics are extremely complicated. What is it that you think might be the thing that tips the balance in favor of peace kiffin, the fact that the Taliban now control more land now than they did seventeen years ago, the backup to that level again. Yeah, it's controlled or contested. So it, you know, they don't control half the country, but they certainly have a presence there. And and influence, I think the feeling is that what America wants America gets and America is an Donald Trump is just the latest manifestation of this weariness that America has with the war in Afghanistan and the way it's dragging on for a long time. The American public felt that they were supporting a corrupt country that wasn't making any progress. In terms of social indices or economic indices, even though tens of billions of dollars. Going in there every year, and, you know, more than three thousand US soldiers in a few hundred Brits, end Europeans, and Australians have been killed in the course of the war. So the feeling is now that sending Khalilzad in to crush heads..

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