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At a low tonight in the mid fifties. Tomorrow more sunshine with high in the low eighties. Well at a press conference today at the state capital governor, Kevin. Did and house speaker Charles McCall announced a tentative budget agreement for the upcoming fiscal here that the governor says will be historic and numbers of the state's appropriate budget. This year will go over eight billion for the very first time. So last year the procreation was about seven point six billion. We're going to go over eight billion dollars. That's a five percent increase in funding. Republican leader did not take part in today's press conference. And when asked why the governor said it's because the Senate leadership team walked away from negotiations last week. He says there were some differences in how education money is allocated among other things. Now the budget agreement that was announced today the tentative agreement does include a twelve hundred dollar teacher pay raise seventy million dollars in classroom funding, also putting two hundred million dollars away in the states rainy day fund. And meanwhile, the Oklahoma City school district IT network has been hit by Val wear. A spokeswoman says. The problem started earlier today and continue to worsen. And as a result. They have shut down the network to limit exposure. And that means that teachers and staff members don't have access to Email and officials say the network could be shut down for several days a gun found at an Oklahoma middle school. Here's KT okays. Michael board parent contacted Madison middle school and bartlesville this morning and told them about a missing gun at a home that a student might have brought to school school spokesman says the fourteen year old student was located and that gun was eventually found in a bathroom police were called and officials say the situation was secured school statement says school safety is a top district concern, they appreciate the cooperation apparent students staff and police and keeping the school a safe learning environment from the.

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