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Dumb hard and it it really it really it should've i think had had a much bigger seems to it seems to now and that's another one that's always on tv is the you live on the tv there's a whole bunch of you on the tv yeah penny dreadful which i'm so mad is not coming back i i'm one of those fans like why we did three years three years is pretty good run clear show like that i felt like after we sort of we wasn't exactly plant and it but it made sense so it was a it was not an all of us who'd signed onto hadn't done a multiple year television show before i'd done cracker when i was eighteen years old and i did sixteen episodes of that right and then it's income back i think eva donna show called camelot didn't come back and then everybody else had just on movies so nobody really knew what to do the second year we got back we're like we're all still here what are we doing i thought we told the story really weird like freaked out about it so after the third season i think everybody was ready because it was it was a it took a lot of effort especially from john logan who wrote every episode prolific he's he's astounding the they mount that he can you notice tricky he finds good poetry he he he will have a character that he really loves most and he will he will give some of that poetry to these characters and it will be the perfect it would be the it would be the perfect poem for whatever's going on in that particular episode or that particular movie and and it will somehow it will be the microcosm of the entire film and and it when it works so sorry john i'm not to call you.

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