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Little mermaid to see other kids all right yeah all right because it's just it's awake at least where is the red hair I think in a dire hair I was so mean that was the thing about Ariel is that she did look anything like her sister or maybe you know they were operates obviously right but you know the thing about aerials that she was kind of you she was the younger ones use of daredevil she had the red hair she was what and so anyway Disney because this hash tag not my aerial has begun and I think it's a weird hashtag my area but not my president have all that's gesture I think is a play on that but Disney's freeform channel has created if a defense that they issued on their Instagram page and the sad and one obvious point Ariel is a fictitious character so she can be any color at all and since the author of the original story is a Danish they pointed out that there are black Danish people that can even have genetically that can have genetically have red hair I yeah I just don't think we need to be going into skin color based on a fictional character like well and less and less the cultures it's so define like in my one it was or in cocoa yeah Helga is available to help out yes yes the grandmother in the in the movie but yeah I was a moving gal is you're right it's call cook about Miguel is the main Kerr in their history yeah it's like a big time I I just don't think it's a little mermaid is this sure she's a moderate for crying out loud number one and two why we've getting upset over skin color about everything is what this culture does right I don't I don't for example arm in the princess and the frog Tiana is recognized for being disease first African American princess and if they made a live action version and the person was Hispanic or white or Asian people would have a problem with it people would have a problem with it I think that that is the man that is J. watch the cartoon and is a big the the the film is you know and I would have a problem with it I don't problem if they did princess and the frog a live action in they made Tiana white or any other color but African American it be upsetting to me yeah I mean I like to ruin my day but your George why change a store in that instance at least that is the live action one so you could have chosen anybody I'm not taking away from the fact that she is super talented GS I'm we order saying we watch as Maria her older videos he's only gotten better right he's very talented they wouldn't have picked her if she wasn't talented I'm not sure the movie will be great it'll be yeah the live action but if you don't have a problem with these you think that the little mermaid should be why I don't have a problem if she doesn't have red hair okay but they can they can color here they can put a we got pictures of her yet yes she has runner well not all yes you had actually ready a lot of the actors you know they have wigs in make up and everything else they can make whatever hair color well Jason in princess and the frog Tiana if they may I don't really know much about that one well here I have a picture for you but let's just say I mean I remember being at Disney world and eva was very my daughter was very excited to get a picture with her then they do off to find you a live action which is a big deal and then they have a white or Asian Hispanic actors I think that he would have a problem I why and Disney is doing a great job I think of making sure especially for young girls and now that I'm the mother of one I want everybody to be represented and I think that Disney is doing a great job of that yeah so in that case then you can aerial as a white girl because we have so we have a great representation of every one oh yeah exactly moron every but what what no no yeah morning there yeah but you know it's like the cartoon color she was white so now she's not exactly the same color but it's a live action film I just don't see any issue with that I really don't have she is the Best Actor for the position as you well I don't think anyone saying that she's an unknown I didn't know her I was glad they did they went was never will Smith they will with a lot of announce it worked but what will Smith you know he said Milt will Smith was in blue that was a fence okay moving all the movie will also has a Latin he then blue for the whole movie well he's gonna fit in with the people at some point right yeah he goes on a concept is only our yeah if you look at my going to use the hashtag not my aerial no I don't care that much right I really don't but I just thought okay well I mean we have Disney characters that are being represented that we really are getting there what why not Ariel blues white with the with the red hair I just think that it needs to be the best possible actor and for whatever reason the acting skills or what they thought would be successful movie that should be determined first on that because it's again it's based off of a character is not based off a whole culture like no one you're you're still nor you never answer Tiana question I don't know that I showed you prince is the frog she's the first African American Disney princess if they do a live action and she was white would have a problem with it live right in yeah she was white yeah and she was a good actor yeah I don't think so okay you're consistent then well there's that I don't think I would and now I would be a little for it would be a little weird if all of a sudden they did this cartoon movie let's say and let's say that the person was white or black and it stayed that way there was only one version of that person for for instance and then you got to Disney world than it looks she look completely different right now we we have that case you're trying to emulate what you now right now they can actually do two different versions of the little mermaid when you get to Disney if that's the case right what I maybe I don't know if they will I don't think they probably will because this is based off I mean do you think they will last night and the world when you meet area which I did ha she was white yeah I ask tune it looked like she was like them at Tiana she's African American one is not there yet but she will be soon that is an outrage yeah two two new one humongous yes the problem is it's going to come into what is not a princess technically she's like of a warrior no I think she is a princess because her dad's the issue okay I thought she was coming her dad's the leader of what's the name I've seen it like as you write it needs to be safe use out there Alfie Allen and everything like right now you know from brave brave yeah but Merida is top Nikolay a princess well they say that if they did Merida Irish right out of Scottish she's got ash and then they made her Chinese at me like I was kind of weird I don't care that's Chinese but is like the character has red hair and she has a Scottish accent that's what makes Merida Merritt island in the movie there may have black hair and Asian guy what doesn't make sense yeah and it gets into kind of an iffy situation it can even I guess bi racial if you start saying well can we emulate the way they look based on the skin color make up then it becomes all nother issue do you see what I'm saying is that I think that that is the issue is that people will say are we focusing too much on race I I think in this case we are is that it's almost like well we can't have a white girl with red hair to player right it's almost like we're both focusing too much and and caught and calling too much attention to it when I don't know I just think it's like making a big deal about like look we don't care about race I never thought that you did right yeah right I am going to far to be like oh look how include is is allowed in blue the genie's will get original I surf the genie is blue okay then it doesn't matter if you're black or white you can pay your whole body blue and emulate what that person looked like right the problem comes into now even because of history maybe African American culture even if we were trying to emulate a darker shade let's say what press was trying to dock put a darker shade even in a movie could come across offensive to a group of people black face yeah because of that ESL the intention is just to emulate with the person looks like you see what I mean right so big is it becomes trick give it can be very tricky I'm sure people if you say I don't like the new Ariel for whatever reason some might say that your racist they could always they already are yeah I thought I mean that when people use the hash tag not my aerial that's what's happened that is what is the response well it is only races on the outside not good because she's not white the real thing should be like it's not because it looks nothing like the one in the cop cartoon but when it's a live music I'm sorry live action action there are differences sometimes and if Luke live will Smith was blew the whole time or if it was a white guy that was blue so that nobody would say a thing is when it comes to the white light right you Asian or even if the Aladdin Aladdin from the Middle East if there was a white guy playing a land I think is a problem I agree with that it doesn't go with the story but we'll see I'll go see the why I love little mermaid I do too is my fate that was the room number one movie that I wanted my daughter to see what the little mermaid and then it finally came out of that damn fault yeah Disney has I think they're doing away with the fall by the way they are they're they're doing their own streaming streaming yep and you'll be all you have to pay but then you can have everything in this post we did this was the only family friendly stuff and everyone who ever waited for every movie to come out of the vault is I live with my whole life to get them talking so Disney has a vault and I did not know this until mac is a mac filled me in when I had kids certain Disney movies are out there on a cycle and so some of those movies you can but you can go to wherever you buy movies and you can buy it and take it home and watch it right some of those movies are in the Disney vault meaning they're not available anywhere for purchase until his arm until I think they go in for what ten yeah they they go away for awhile like six months and that is a marketing ploy to without now let's get real now it's all can be streamed you got to pay for but you can have Disney streaming don't care I like it and and that I think that's not just the Disney movies either all those like shows that I like to watch like Sam and cat and those type right thing has to do with Disney of his yeah I think all that stuff is on its streaming yes and marketing ploy but I thought to myself well if little mermaid never comes out of it you know let's say when in right before I had my daughter and it doesn't come out for ten years she would have gone whole life without knowing the little mermaid she still hasn't seen with one goal is snow white I don't think she seen snow white and then there's another one that I was waiting for I can't member by.

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