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And your bonus question weird Al in the eighties for two points. What Year to els movie? Uhf Get released. What Year did you H F? Come out for two points. Those are all your questions for Weird L. Related Trivia. We'll be right back in just a second with the answers. All RIGHT GUYS. Get your accordions ready. It's time to Polka. And I got all the answers for Weird Al Trivia. Let's see how you did number. One I think I'm a clone now was a parody of. I think we're alone now number one. I think we're alone now. Number two LASAGNA was a parody of La Bamba number two La Bamba number three the brady bunch. This was kind of a tough. One was a parody of the safety dance so it was the tune in music of the safety dance for the song was called the Brady Bunch number. Three number four ricky was a parody of Mickey by Toni Basil. You can't read all about the time that I ran into Toni. Basil at a Weird Hollywood Trivia Party in my upcoming book. That's right maybe you don't. I'm working on a little memoir Trivia Book so it will have fun stories about things that have happened to me and some trivia about the themes and topics of the story. So I think I'm going to have about fifty stories in the book and it'll be about fifty eleven question quizzes so they'll be all different content than you've heard on the podcast before and it'll be kind of a fun little thing that I could sell after shows and sell on Amazon and things like that so If you like reading stuff that's coming out at the beginning of twenty twenty one number four ricky and Micky number five my Baloney is actually my Bologna in this song and that rhymes with my Sharona number five my Sharona. By the neck number six I love rocky road was a parody of Joan Jett and the Black Arts. I love rock and roll number seven. I want to duck was a parody of I want a new drug. A new drug number eight surgeon was like a Virgin Madonna number. Eight number nine. Yoda was a parody of Lola by the kinks and number ten I will thing was a parody of tone Luke's wild thing number ten wild thing and the bonus for two points. What Year did AL's movie? Uhf come out. It's a great movie if you love spoofs If you love just goofy eighties action. This is a great movie that closed out the decade in Nineteen eighty-nine. Go Watch HF. I highly recommend it. All right guys. That is your quiz for today. Weird eighty songs. We'll be had fun playing along with the show. We have one more question for you. It's the question today along with an eagle. What animal is on the Mexican flag? Tweet me your answer at Ryan. Buds Email Ryan buds to be eligible for prize. Yesterday to answer was buzz. Light Year of Star Command and your Trivia team name of today is alien versus Predator versus Brown versus the board of Education. It's a long one but I've never seen it before today. So there you go alien Predator Brown Board of Education. Thank you guys for listening. Thanks for leaving. I tunes reviews. Thanks for all the great messages you. Send me about how you enjoy the show. And we'll see tomorrow for more trivia with buds cheers..

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