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Right people at the top of the employees ladder if you will to do what's nap needs to do i think one other these people have departed the company in the last few months in been replaced with internal candidates who i'm told from my sources are less likely to say no to evan spiegel who has kind of dictatorial control over the company and of course all of the voting power during the ipo evan spiegel i remember reading evan spiegel was looked at kind of like a steve jobs specifically because of hardware is there any update on the hardware side because i think they've kind of fallen flat so for him so we've heard that they are planning on working on a an update of their spectacles glasses that you're right that has not made a big dent in sort of a consumer hardware market spectacles were really great marketing experiments in the end of two thousand sixteen but they didn't really catch on widely do you see people walking down the street spectacles i mean i i really don't and i know this go so so it's it is going to be tough for them to really prove to people that that kind of product is something that they need but they certainly still working on it may ask you a quick marketing question about snap to it's kind of a the hand that feeds question that snap redesigned snapchat recently they split the social from the media so in the in the traditional business model for social media your friends bring you to look at the.

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