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You come to america i came to america and ninety five feels like a very long time now um i was um actually writing at the time uh damage to jockey john ham in dover in france and he was very good friends with in jury um and he said listen go over there in juries for three months during the winter when there was no racing going on and in europe uh at that time and he said you know get some experience riding on the tracks out uh and then you come back and bite the season for me the following season while i think after about three weeks i made the phone call to john hammond and said you know john i love it out here not ready to go so uh i think i'd be now he had just over twenty years now you end up working for hall of fame trainers such as bob the late bobby frankel eggs you've worked for bob baffert and richard mandella i have been extremely lucky act and i've learnt so much um the right the way of writing um you rakoff is is very different over here and it is from england so i had a lot to learn a even the vocabulary of very different flap lingo that but if used out here so i think thoughts you not to you know to learn a lot from some very good people and um i had a great time you have the opportunity to to travel with with them mom i actually travel to hong kong with neal drysdale with a philly and um um yeah winter two all tina tower toga and all linked to talks racetrack like.

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