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Sunday morning Hampton roads it's Mary Catherine with another edition of Hampton roads perspectives and we have two beautiful sunshiny. Smiley happy faces in studio with us today good morning to carry gurney and Stephanie lion, Hello. Ladies good morning and you are here on behalf of the newly? Formed chapter of mended little? Hearts of coastal Virginia, that's a mouthful yes it is yeah, we we've been around for a little over a year now and we. Are here to support on children and families affected by congenital heart defects let's talk a little bit about that because I know you have a very personal. Story Stephanie so how did, your, involvement with mended little hearts of. Coastal Virginia how did that all begin I know the story but those, of you out there listening you. Might not know the story had it all of that come about so my daughter Laney was. Born in April of, two thousand, sixteen and she had. Four congenital heart defects that went on Undetected, until she was seven days old when. We had a very close call and to. Say the least and. Two weeks old she had an open heart surgery for the biggest of the defects being cooperation of. The I think. The, women are. The, families in this in this group everybody has a story and Sam are more severe degree than others but I think the common thread amongst these. Families is that you know we know what the others have gone through and no matter, whether. It's you know something a little more minimal it's you know it? Affects the family affects your? Babies absolutely especially when, it's a life and death situation which, yours was and Kerry what about you personally do you have a story. That you can share with us I'm just gonna ask you a player Michael closer to your face that pretty little face My firstborn Andrew was born with a congenital heart defect he had a sub pulmonary ventricular. Settled effect which is a hole in the heart so all congenital heart defects there's something. Structurally wrong that can cause heart failure symptoms or other additional things, as the child grows so we were not detected during pregnancy which. Many are summers mart he was born with a murmur we were sent, to the pediatric cardiologists at two weeks and it was confirmed there that, he had this VSD and we were. Able, to watch a conservatively which was great you know. A. Little bit of a relief with a newborn baby which you think is. Perfect perfect seemingly perfect? From the outside but knowing something so wrong with the thing? That gives life within that precious beating heart was just you know it it floors you And I know that like Stephanie said like our stories are so different, you know we. Were able to wait eighteen months before we had open heart surgery, which was great yeah we, went in for regular checkups and, things like that but there are stories in between that don't always this year is the same as, the same and, things -iety, during These are the same and just the questions that you have so many, little hearts of, coastal Virginia's, here to bridge that gap and to make those connections. Between families so that nobody walks this journey alone and I. Mean this was your Stephanie obviously your first run with congenital heart defects and use the, same Kerry, yeah no genetics involved I, think it's about fifteen percent of c. h. d.'s can be related to that but, it was you know I had a, friend whose daughter had open heart surgery I was able to reach. Out to her. At the time that was the only person I knew and, we'll because I think a lot. Of times, you know women are families in general no matter what it is that, you're going through. A, traumatic life experience a change you know whether it's divorce. Or cancer or you always want to reach out for that network of support you wanna fight you wanna find somebody And that's that's our main goal. Right now is to really just let families know that we're here and that we're here to help and support in whatever way we can with. Whatever resources we, have congenital heart defects, are, the number one birth defect in the US they affect one, out. Of, one hundred ten. Berths so it's very common and very scary extremely scary well if you're just waking, up with us, this morning, Sunday morning and Hampton roads we have carry gurney and. Stephanie Lyon co directors of the newly formed chapter of mended. Little hearts of coastal Virginia not only encouraging you to get in touch with them if, you are, experiencing a congenital heart defect,.

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