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Winds around he gave the Rangers a one nothing lead one to beating the hurricanes for to Brandon limb you a power play goal Povel which never touch the eventual game winning goal here in center Congress made forty five saves four to five for the Rangers now on a good little street down the islanders had a heck of a streak it was ten in a row but that's where it ends they lose to the penguins for three in overtime in a game that they live three nothing in the third period here's Barry Trotz he says no killer instinct you have someone down you gotta stay on him and we we passive annoyed and they had a push in an earlier Pushkin's Boston came came running backs off that on us Brian rust with the game winner of getting Malkin the game tying goal and so eleven in a row is not to be for the aisles and the devils lost to the flames five to two in Calgary New Jersey will be in Edmonton later tonight time now for a moment of the day which is brought you by resorts world casino in queens of over sixty five hundred games this is how NYC roles he's a good choices today we ultimately go with me miss speaking last hour an eighty or ready to pounce and strike it on a project coordinator no heed to that I say corners impinging coaching coach is the pitching court in my state John is that so we'll double check we'll check they fats also sure that's all I got is that he's smarter than I am yes I just trying to throw his lock I we will just want like right to it it's easy with such like angered the stain because he's got his finger on that but my guess is waiting yeah that the basic is people don't realize that come in here there is a lot of pressure that there and he's going to do since I can't wait of course all right now you did say pitching corner it's okay I was just confuse a little bit from my is approaching corner right but you said he the Yankees new pitching coordinator is this I mean he might be doing that too the tech we might not be wrong all right thank does yeah motional heather tactical steam is overlooking F. you you dork my proudest moment of the day let's check the tape fat so it's one of my new favorite Jerry right because I'm not not necessarily will check take back so it is rumored geo on the fan CBS sports network he was asleep for the workers came and started last that is that is very true I got a text from Eddie at like three thirty in the afternoon.

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