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In. I think jack we'll come back in saying jackson. I am the worst. I i apologize so much. I think he runs back to that. Group might not be any from tomorrow. Look i'm just join him really burning. This has been burning in the back of my mind all week long and i've held back because i didn't want to ruin anybody's fun but i had to. I had to put it out there in the world because it's there in my head and it is exist there many many possibilities first of all he has to win the battle back. We don't even know who's going to be in the battle but we don't even know what the competition can be if it's like a wall competition i there's no chance it's gonna win that so like i feel like they're manning anyways for this to go and i have to believe jewish fans on twitter like anti tweeting leading jack. I don't think i don't think the producers are purposely going to make anything available for him to win his way back into the game there. I think they are the producer. Sometimes are glad that the fans are getting their flesh writing hitting jack out of the game and that's also why i think they did this whole stupid field trip thing how with america voting so that they could just let us get our feelings out remaining. I don't think so because the whole this is another thing we should talk about because as melissa was hundred percent correct to go off on last week. This has been ridiculous. He we know rollouts in terms of like how they're describing this twist. Do you send your favorite to get safety or do you send somebody to be the third nominee me. I don't know it's up to you as though there's any kind of choice the way it's presented where they're saying that it's who are you going to send on the field trip. It's a special trip. It's a special competition. They can win safety. It's just like no no. It's terrible. It's one hundred percent dead. This does not seem like an outlet to get your pound of flesh. This seems like a trap. This seems like adjust and cat trap where they're like. I don't know are there signs. Is it a good thing. Is it a bad thing you tell me it's like no. It's spread it so bad melissa. I would say honestly like i highly recommend vote for who do not like because the odds of somebody winning think safety especially somebody i mean imagine situation where you vote jackson jack and nicole because you want to call the win the safety we'll nicole gonna win any the competition verse jackson and jack like there is no way so you might as well get everybody that you don't like in there because two of them are going to get bad things so say you know okay. Worst-case scenario ends up with sis getting safety okay fine. This wasn't crowley. Gonna go this week anyways so let's continue on leg. I just feel like it's not worth it to risk any of our favorites or you know just the possibility that they'll get safety. I'm saying now vote for the people people that you want out of the house because someone's going up on the block and you just don't want to risk it the guys to say what you want. I feel like when the both come back on whatever it's going to be jackson christie and probably tommy. I mean like little though i can't see anybody else not not being voted into this stupid thing. We'll see their online polls. Where like cliff is fourth and nicole is fifth with jack involved at the top like that's so i haven't seen any on online impose. Were cliff is ahead of tommy have you. I can see tommy getting. I feel like a lot of casuals like tommy and i spent the whole weekend with some casual viewers and or at least some of them were casual and some of them were not casual but <hes> <hes> yeah they say. I didn't want to insult anyone who might be watching this thinking that i'm wanting to the cash question just gas in the chat. Do you have to have a c._b._s. All access this membership in order to do this vote. I'm pretty sure you do don't you just like randomly log onto c._v._s. dot com. You need an account but i don't know if you need..

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