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Donald trump russia with sanctuary today per election meddling we have mueller crossing president donald trump's red line we're gonna talk about those things in just one moment but i i'm sure you're aware of the tragedy that took place in florida today we have the fau bridge collapse if you seen image of this is absolutely horrifying there was a new construction the florida international university's a massive new pedestrian bridge spanning over i think four no actually six lanes it collapsed killing at least one person i know that that death count will probably go up a crushing several vehicles under it this is a nine hundred and fifty ton bridge located at one hundred nine th avenue and eighth street and the the bridge came crumbling down onto a number of cars now the bridge was not completely constructed yet i believe they were performing some stress tests on the bridge and eyewitness reports say that there was a big crane that dropped something on on the bridge or crane came down on the bridge i think dropped something on the bridge and then the bridge collapsed there were stress testing get for category five hurricane that kind of thing and the again we're in the age of instant information so you had people who were on twitter loading pictures up to twitter as some of those images are absolutely horrifying were i believe there's a stop the stop sign or something or stop light underneath the bridge.

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