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That's right. Thout answers. Over so his the season tastes the season to talk monsters. But actually none of the monsters were talking about have anything to do with horror. He's real life monster. Yeah, yeah. And it's, it's not the good kind if there is a good kind, and I'm not talking about the guy at the New York Film festival who has been behind me sitting behind me on more than -cation and just outright lambasting every movie that he sees during the QNA. Really? Yeah. And he keeps sitting right behind us right behind me during these sessions. He's just delivering star cast remarks to his wife in wisp, sometimes whisper sometimes full-blown conversation, and I'm just like, dude it if you don't like the movie, why are you saying for the Cuban age? Yeah, just leave in. Why is he always choosing to sit behind you choosing to sit in front of him? Do you see him before the screening just show up for the Cuban? This is interesting. I'm actually interested in what you're what you're like preferred festival seating is, you know, we talked a little bit about how like liquids can influence your decision on where to sit. Especially some adult theaters. Yes. Yeah, I don't sit down at those. So I, I always sit on the side and the back because it provides me with an easy exit strategy, but what do you think that's it's great to be on an? I'll I think to just being a little bit taller, just stretch out the lace a little bit. I always I'm pretty OCD about not leaving for so you know, as some most of us are, but I mean, just like using the restroom beforehand and not drinking beforehand or even during water's just like I don't really ever leave, but I still prefer the, I'll just because it does give them more stretch out oppertunistic. I think that I am the same way and when I like when I sit in the middle, my OCD like kicks in so hard that I just start thinking about going to the bathroom all the time. You know what I mean? So like I like to sit on the I o, I very rarely if ever actually leaving, but it just makes me feel like less. Afraid. Yeah, I feel like if you're someone in the center, I just feel like I'm being watched a little bit more. I don't know because you know the light from the screen is projecting almost literally onto you. Their image. I just think about this is this is how they got Lincoln, you know, that's true. That's if you get anything from this episode, Lincoln got killed because the light shines on him, sit in the middle. So hang now moving onto the headlines. We're gonna talk about something movie that for the past six or seven months, people have been pondering how it will actually turn out, and I'm talking about Sony's beginning of a new chapter in the marvel cinematic universe then is it in the cinematic universe? It's Sony's marvel. Oh, okay. So they're starting a actually. They're trying to start a new one was just revealed that Jared Leo will be playing some new comic book person to in the same universe as venom. Oh, okay. For you, Jared, Lido fans out there. He went from being the joker to now being in the marvel universe. Yeah. Well, you know sacrilege. So anyways, Friday, we will all see. Well, either be comic book rebirth or what one entertainment outlet described as a flying heard in the wind to be fair. That's a quote from the trailer. Yes. So I will go on record here in mid that when I first heard there would be venom movie starring Tom hardy, maybe a tiny bit excited over excited. Even the truth is that this is one of my favorite actors playing one of my favorite comic book villains. So I had high hopes and then the first trailer jobs and all my friends started to make fun of me. But I still thought, you know if anyone could pull this off, Tom, hardy, Ken, and that the symbiosis CGI actually looked kind of cool. What did you think about that symbiosis? CGI didn't mind that I didn't think that was too cheap looking. Yeah, that is something I think CGI enhances. It wouldn't be him in prosthetics. I, I guess, right? So this week however, it became clear that my friends were probably right and that this is a troubled thraw jet. I'd heard very little about how the film was being received up until this point..

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