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Person kpcc supporters include the netflixing film pond body and soul from hungary to coworkers form an unexpected bond through a mystical connections that manifests itself in their dreams academy award nominee for best foreignlanguage film live from eighty nine point three kpcc i'm nick roman would news as you're heading home today was moving day for more than one hundred homeless people camped along the santa ana river near angel stadium it was the start of a court ordered effort to remove an estimated four hundred people from that homeless camp and place them into motels or other shelter the story from kpcc's jill rep local are michael early people sat on boulders next to the riverbed waiting for county workers to call their name mm and take them to a bus that with transport them to their assigned motel another worker instructed those would bikes to load them into a county dan some three hundred people lined up throughout the day in hopes of getting a motel voucher that didn't happen for everyone some people not living along the river came here after hearing about the county's offer of motels days but they were referred to shelters instead shannon garcia and her dog princess were headed to a motel in anaheim after living at the river bed for two years garcia is hopeful the move will set her on a new positive path if you she can get back into working with animals she used to be a kennel technician in agreeing to go back forget back into work habits get over my objection as the day wound down the van with the bikes headed out to the motel a bus full of people would follow the county hopes to have all of the homeless people camped along the river bed under roofs by the end of the week covering orange county i'm joe rep local state senate rules committee today released a summary of its investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against senator tony mendoza it was handled by an outside law firm and it says it is more likely than not that the artesian democrat engaged in inappropriate behaviour with six different women over his time in the assembly and senate none of the women said he was physically aggressive were sexually crude but all of them said they understood he was suggesting sexual contact the rules a committee statement today did not indicate whether it will recommend disciplinary action against bandeaus up right now.

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