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Never heard idea. Yeah. And you know in in line with that when you cut you're you're you're gonna cut blowing the grass away from the condensing unit away from the buddy does that all blows up on the air conditioner. Yup. I would do that. Because I'd always cut down the side of the house with the mower against the house. I wanted to get a good close cut. So I'd have to edge less. You know, kind of air conditioner hits a drain line is I went by break it, of course. And then keep going on down here. But you're right. So many dirty at one of the biggest causes of energy usage of an air conditioner is the dirty outdoor unit because there's no filter on the outer inner unit has a filter that coil lasts a lot longer. But on our annual tune-ups, one of the big things, we do is we wash out this calls, and it's amazing the amount of dirt and gunk that comes out of those. Yep. You're right. I know my mind what I do is. I shut it off. Yeah. That's a great idea. That is a brilliant. My idea, but she had a lawn service. You're not home if you had a sensor that was no shut it off eight heard of a more. I like it. But don't do when you live by the airport. Hamming tried to help heard of that ever this interesting. The idea is a potential Mitterrand nursing unifed it for the noise level. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, San simple. Simple came in number five. Them does make a lot of noise. But yet with the media, you could set it as you got your neighbor oral unit. They may more noise than anybody else. So you can run in a race in there too. That makes sense it makes sense definitely different especially when the when the blower electricity people blowing the units low, right? This. Yeah. Yeah. Or blowing the United thought about? Yeah. One of the reasons why we use the train unit piece. Oh, tom. Why do you guys? Use trainer so up on train because it's got a full cabinet outside full cabinet and the louvers face the correct direction. Some people put deliver sideways on these years where they got this from but the trains go up and down. So the rain stays out more debris. Stay out more. The other thing the other cabins Tomba's the weed whacker as we see it all the time where people just whack the bottom of their units out because they buy an inexpensive unit that doesn't have a full cabinet on it. And it's a lot worse effect. The train cabinet is powder paint applied is actually thicker near the edges. Not that the other parts of thick, but the paints actually thicker near the edges these ceramic coated type screws, the screws don't rust, so it's amazing. And then the Aussies a polymer base the on these units. So there's no metal touching the ground to wear through into rust. So a lot more goes into it the meets the, but that's why you won't protect to do your system. That's what I to train system. And I I recommend the XP twenty because it's the most energy-efficient around, and if I were to pay the electric Bill every month for the next ten years the best electric like in Jordan. But there's so much. It goes into an air conditioner that people don't realize that. Yes. Just about another symbolics another symbolic says, they stylishly where did the key attorney keeping I always say the customer when you buy your conditioner furnace on was you buying a little bit piece of the company. Yeah. Because I want to be when do for the next twenty years when the retired promise you guys get tired. I'll come to your retirement party. I mean, I heard somebody whenever I a fifty five. Hello..

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