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Doing you'll have the chance of fighters on there the rankings with the peace officers military firefighter sobered put together very well we put a lot of a lot of hard work yeah what is what yeah to to to not Tom yeah tell us what he did because I think he's really deserves Alanis already he's also he's quite sleepy just this is a study breathes a sigh of. those teachers everything that's a really cool too yes I got to hand it to this guy for putting this all together user he sounds like a great guy yeah so now we do so again seventeen fights so let's talk about the cost here so we're talking what thirty dollars one of one of the general mission ring side seat or fifty dollars okay so I'd recommend get a ring side seat there because then I would recommend it to yes and you go by mall lined the battle of the badges sect dot com their own eventbrite we go by matador okay so so you just source I get again seventeen Pfizer mean with thirty Bucks for seventeen fights in really then when I was there there's really no bad seats yeah so everything is it's very well laid out yes and then the prize I don't know what the proceeds I mean they go to I'll be obviously rose to the sec fall off as resource. in in in in speaking of the proceeds of doing something really cool as I mentioned Carl is here when Carl with ID is from next home a premier properties and you guys are to be commended for doing what you're doing to help put this to sponsor this you have all kinds of crazy stuff right is you get the lighting you've got it right in the region is everything DJ insurances so how many things you have to do to plan this and it takes you know we started like in nine months in advance so we have to get in in so you're to be commended for for doing what you're doing to help these guys out at telus there's another little aspect of people don't know about that you're doing well there's there's not only is it our pleasure to do this as a as a company or organization because throughout the entire brokers there's somebody connected to law enforcement military anything like that along the way but along with that one of the things that we like to do is we we try to get the best rates possible to any of those who are first responders military active retired any kind of police officers anybody in that position medics all that so we we want to try and help them as much as possible because they they without we we know and we have a part of it without them we wouldn't be able to do anything that we're able to do yeah and we just that's you know one small way that we can say thank you and this is another you know really in its grand scheme of things another just small way for us to be able to contribute to not only a wonderful organization but. just try to make someone else's housing dreams come true. why respect that you know battle the badges on looking at your website it again the website is battle of the badges sack dot com battle of the badges sack dot com an organization of public safety and military amateur boxing and again the fundamental principles as you would see here of ethics on the website pride loyalty honor sportsmanship good faith can be found battle of the badges is owned and operated by law enforcement firefighters military for our brothers and sisters who put their lives on the line we all know that there are officers who put their lives on the line we've lost a couple here the recently and you know we think about them all the time and we pray for them and their families all the time we know what our military folks are going through in a job that they have the tough job that they have they get they do you know did you don't hear about their glory all the time they're the firefighters are out there whether it's battling try to save your home try to save your lives your family's whether there whatever the case may be we respect all of them and that's what this is all about so if you have October Saturday October the fifth open you have no plans please check it out this is a family friendly event and it's also great if you just want to go out there with your friends go out and see Anthony cross the fan is usually a cruiserweight champion I want to commend you Sir I want to commend Daniel Dansby I want to wish you Daniel good luck in your first fight as you go out there my friend to take the ring in the you see a for the first time and for the job that you guys do because that's a tough job that you guys do as he wishes so anything anyone else want to add anything to this one if you are that the yeah yeah the website yeah there's a leak that use the eight weeks or just they don't have. on the website the battle the badges website there's a leak you safely to set that link it'll go straight to the UC website okay so and now one more thing I firefighter consumers fire fire al menos passed away earlier this year in car accident he fought in the battle badges several times so I want to get it checked out all to him and his family it was just a great guy and great person then great individual and I it's a sad that you know this happened you know I'm I'm a person that you remember tomorrow on the show..

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