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You know i was like does. I don't know there's a lot of things like that. Were not happen to me so that that was embarrassing. I still remember that. And i'm i'm really like somehow book ended up in my shirt. I all my god. This is so embarrassing. It was like insane. Richard link side. It was like right here all like fire brought by my bravo inside my shirt. I don't know how it ended up there. I was like what the heck. Why did it end up in that place Yeah yeah. That's middle school. But cynthia eventually has to go to high school and she has really high expectations for herself. Being myself in promise like to be a nice student like to to the teachers and get in trouble like when they got into fifth grade all taught. High school was really bullied. And i was like always like loss. I knew that. If i may fraz with anyone and you have those friends the hang out with them all like. Why am i going to be friends with any of these people. What would people do or say t. Oh that was that that made you feel like you're being bullied. Well people were talk about my weight. Like hall is like a big person or there was big salt lake. They were sometimes. Like i dunno one person. Call me mike tyson in high school so it was like. Oh my gosh. I don't really like while. I felt afterwards. But you know just you know know like okay. He sat salt. You know what happened. He said at a one.

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