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The farthest okay how accurate exactly i mean there are guys out there on that long drive long distance drives thing that you know they just crossed the ball farther than the that most of the pros do right you're like okay well why is this guy not on the pro tour probably because he can't right or he has no short game or like we actually talked about this last week or if you're like joe and you're like the master of putt putt at many land a why why aren't you on the pro circuit which i you'd think with you know being able to you know putting around corners and under the windmills and yeah can i just say just on a i've literally never been beaten in my entire life in many goal all he's telling the truth that's why i use that as an analogy so that's a bold statement right hey man all challenges are you free for like two hours take that long ten minutes i do have a question we get this a lot especially when we have other sport guys on your we had a couple of helper decoys from peo last week show and then you know we're gonna have some french ring guys on in future episodes but we get this question a lot is can you take a a psa dog in just say psa three dog okay the best of the best right can you take a psa three dog immediately go title it in another sport even if it's a title one in another sport like if you had you have a psa three dog correct if you had your dog could you take it and go do mondeo are french frang or depends i like frenching is one of those that's off by itself because of just the way very specific right it's it's a competition between the coin and the dog.

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