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Three kids Tina calls it an insulin emergency room in the pharmaceutical companies I think are holding people with type one diabetes hostage at this point because there's there's nothing that we can do a lot of state leaders and patient advocates agree the proposed insulin cost sharing bill would cap insulin cost at one hundred dollars per thirty days supply for patients with insurance plans that cover insulin drugs and as you said carsharing cap for insulin despite strong support among many state lawmakers consumer advocate Kathy McCall says if you struggle with rising drug prices contact your state representative now I ask why the call to action if this and other drug price bills have so much support to the legislature has so many competing priorities there's so many other bills out there of concern and issue and we also have the pharmaceutical industry that is fighting against these bills so it's really important for consumers not to stop raising the issue Tina Golson is raising the issue because affording insulin is literally a matter of life and death for her kids you say my biggest fear for my kids is it's going to keep going up unless something is done to stop it the pharmaceutical industry says it offers rebates and other assistance to people who need help paying for medication drug companies insist there are other factors and other industries that play a role in the rising drug prices people on both sides are making a final push because lawmakers say this bill must get a final nod by Friday in order to move on S. restore operators and other retailers are beyond frustrated that once again state lawmakers failed to pass a bill to help stores crackdown on shoplifters almost Carlene Johnson reports Genji is the CEO of the Washington food industry representing grocery and convenience stores across the state rated as weak it will be this was the fourth trying to build a let's store managers or security stop the shoplifter before they reach the door willing entire cart of stolen product right out of the store problem of organized retail theft is very significant democratic representative Roger Goodman cosponsored a bill with bipartisan support but it reached the house though speaker Laurie Jinkins and some other Democrats would not bring it for a vote there has been concern among a number of members of our profiling profiling based on race or race or ethnic origin G. says there may be isolated incidents where that happens it is not in the south if you're already Goodman says he will try again next session Carly Johnson come on news at twenty and fifty past the hour on komo news your call will propel insurance money update L. brands is out with quarterly results that appear to be a tad above expectations the parent company of bath and body works and Victoria's secret posted per share profit of a dollar eighty eighth on sales of nearly four point seven one billion dollars however L. brands forecast for the current quarter is weaker than analysts views and shares are down three and a half percent in after hours trading in the market so regular Wednesday session stocks finished mostly lower unable to hold onto solid morning gains finishing in the red for a fifth straight session the Dow industrials lost another one hundred twenty three points and the S. and P. slipped eleven though the nasdaq edged up fifteen points that's your money now for what it's worth I'm sherry Preston it's a new way to look at family for women connected by their children what they call their Billings that's siblings who all have the same donor as a father I wasn't really looking for connection and selling file photo and then I realized that I can pretend all I wanted was a really got me was really about them that's Emily she and three other women all from different states use the same donor and I've discovered each other through the donor sibling registry and the photo she was talking about a picture of Gabby the daughter of a woman named Meredith Gabby looks just like Emily's daughter floral Meredith said she sent a picture of laurel to her own family but didn't say who the little girl was cute because they all assumed it was her own daughter the four women now telling ABC they get their extended family together at least once a year saying they felt they owed it to their kids to be in one another's lives for what it's worth Jerry Preston ABC news supporters of.

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