President Trump, Michael Cohen Abrahams, Giuliani discussed on Kim Komando



From ABC news. I'm Chuck Sivertsen thirty eight thousand evacuees in northern California who escaped a big wildfire in and around reading are told just in the past hour that they won't be going home. Anytime soon, weather conditions are continuing to be unfavorable for us. We have increased temperatures today, wire information officer. Chris Harvey says, no progress has been made on containment for days on the very aggressive fire fire's completely encircle whiskey town reservoir now to the south. We've also had some fire spread to the east to the north here up into the forest service land. The area of containment is still just a small five percent and, it is raining ash. In some areas the fires killed two firefighters in a, woman and her two young great grandchildren are. There more recordings by x., Trump lawyer Michael, Cohen on which is also then candidate Trump current Trump lawyer Rudy, Giuliani we know of something like, a hundred and eighty three. Unique conversations on tape one of those with the president is states Giuliani on CBS face the nation ABC news legal analyst Dan Abrahams clear now that Michael cone is on his. Own here, it's also clear that he potentially has information to. Provide to Robert Muller but, let's be clear. He's being investigated, by the southern district of New York which is a separate entity investigating Michael Cohen Abrahams on ABC's this week President Trump tweets a. Threat to Democrats that if they don't vote for immigration policies he wants and for his wall he'll shut Down the government some Republican lawmakers. Say, they oppose that giving an unexpected performance for firefighters battling a wildfire near his Colorado home. Neil diamond he played and sang sweet Caroline for dozens, of firefighters, as a command post for a fire in. Central Colorado and he thanked firefighters for their work diamond seventy.

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