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They've got some new magic way around the quick easy shortcuts their arnon people never have then never wilby anyway i wanna change direction slightly here and i wanna i wanna get kudos out to this guy by the name of david died and i'm going to file this under um from time to time even a blind squirrel yes not this is via the nation okay which is a far left wing publication arrow he'll find the of the watchdog on wall street here very often going and giving kudos to a column in the nation because most of this stuff in there is just patently absurd what god this author david guidon he's done something that we've done here on the program and thumb if i can't believe it his nobody dick nobody really dares to do this yes she went after warren buffett that's right he went after the oracle almaa and his in tyre stick and persona which we do as well and this we give a lot of kudos to some of the things that warren buffett has said and the philosophy that he's use again this is coming from the nation for the has obviously taken a look at this was that he this guy is making money this way and it's not fair and look at how his knowing this well let's take a look at it a different way warren buffett is looking at the train he's looking at the terrain and he sees how things are any invests based upon the way things are i so i i front with it warren buffett likes to invest in monopolies.

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