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And progress one hundred point news talk am thurdsy with your local villagers l o b updated at the bottom of the hour good morning it's tuesday june twenty seven forecast clouds and sun with a chance of a shower or thunder storm today's highs low 70s the channel eight forecast coming up in a couple of minutes here's what's happening in a series of tweets last night maine senator collins said she would vote against the senate g o the health care bill collins cited a study of the bill by the congressional budget office which said the bill would caused twenty two million more americans to be punished sure that by the year twenty twenty six senator king has also said he will not vote for the bill with the latest national healthcare bill up in the air our protests literally it organization commissioned the plane to fly a banner over portland yesterday that red senator collins trumpcare kurtz main families a massive milf liars now officially a case of arson and firefighters say three boys are responsible and the clear of his likely the cost one million that state police say to thirteen year old boys and a 12yearold boy are now facing arson charges for starting friday's fire that destroyed that's all meal the three boys were juvenile court yesterday morning on felony arson charges legislative leaders in augusta say they intend to take a vote on the state's next twoyear budget this week the two sides still remain twenty five million dollars apart on school fun i'm doing an of they've words an ox county man will serve time in jail and be required to pay a fine as through pleaded guilty the shooting a siegel off the coast of acadia national park the seal died fiftyfouryearold joseph martin of warren the pleaded guilty yesterday in court in vain of the charge the judge sentenced martin deserved three days in jail and a one thousand dollars fun the seal the martin fired his rifle was either of harbor seal or grey seal developers are coming up with a variety of ideas for the base.

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