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You know, the Golden Globes. I'm sorry. I I guess I'm sorry. Well, not sorry. I what I'm not sorry. I didn't see it. You never watching out very often. I'm glad that Rachel Brosnahan one. For the marvelous MRs Mazel, I have some quibbles with that show some things about it that I kinda quibble about. But but I do like her performance. It's well done. I like I like Alex Borst team's performance a lot. She was nominated as well. But she didn't win and I like Tony shalhoub performance quite a bit about. I'm glad that re-. Rachel Brosnahan one. If you watch the marvelous MRs Mazel, by the way, others an actor playing Lenny Bruce in it. And he's he's very good to he's way better looking than the real money. Good looking. I actually Lenny Bruce. But a lot of the routines that they show him doing. They are pretty much Lenny Bruce. Yeah. They are pretty much word for word. Lenny Bruce routines in the second second season. He does a whole thing about where he sings and things about his wife. That's a that's an actual. That's an actual Lenny Bruce bit. I was curious. So I looked it up. You see Lenny Bruce doing it? So, but you know, who the big winner at the Golden Globes was last night. Well, one of the big winners was of course, Pete Davidson Saturday Night Live because he was at an after party Golden Globes.

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